How to Know It is Time for Senior-Assisted Living?

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How to Know It is Time for Senior-Assisted Living?
It is a natural duty for children to take care of their parents when they get old. For some, it is fulfilling, while for others, it is difficult and takes a whole lot of commitment.
We all arrive at that stage wherein we need to take care of our elderly, who once took care of us when we were young. Them growing old is a point in time when special needs arise and they become very dependent on someone else�s care and assistance.

At that point, we have to decide and plan how to provide them with the care they need and deserve. On one hand, it is a duty we gladly want to fulfill; but on the other, we know how emotionally and physically taxing it could be to take care of someone who is not able to look after themselves.
There is a middle ground in this situation. When it is finally necessary, it makes sense for your family and your senior loved ones to consider senior care.
7 Questions to Ask Yourself to Determine if It�s Time for�Assisted Living
Knowing when to reach out for help and determining the appropriate care for your loved one is difficult. To prepare for assisted living, you have to be proactive in recognizing common signs about what your loved one needs.
Have you noticed your loved ones� frailty and a decline in hygiene?
Simple personal tasks such as bathing, dressing, and mobility are common concerns for senior adults. They are often limited by their health conditions to do these activities of daily living (ADLs) on their own, making every day a challenge for them. While some of our seniors may still have the ability to take care of themselves, sometimes they lack the motivation to do so.
Glaring signs that it may be time for�assisted living�are their physical limitations and frailty; and declining hygiene.
Do they feel isolated?
Seniors in�assisted living�will have an immediate community around them composed of the other residents and staff members. These relationships will prevent the feeling of isolation, as they form bonds in programmed social activities and enjoy facilities in the residence.
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Would they benefit from care coordination?
Health issues and medical conditions may frequently land our elderly in hospitals and checkups. In addition to the physical and emotional toll of frequent trips to the hospitals, the list of appointments and health maintenance could be overwhelming.
Assisted living�communities simplify the entire process by arranging for their resident�s coordinated care. Doctors, therapists, and health professionals are arranged to visit the community frequently to monitor and provide services for the residents� health. Staff members and families are given notes from these appointments to help them provide the appropriate and quality care each resident needs.
Do they feel stressed and burdened by chores and home maintenance?

Untidy and odorous living space is a sign that your loved one needs help and may not be able to live on their own anymore. Sometimes, their physical conditions limit them. In some cases, daily chores and home upkeep are just too stressful and burdensome for them.
Being in an assisted living community liberates them from these responsibilities. Plus, they�ll enjoy a clean, well-maintained personal space every day.
Do they have limited access to proper nutrition?
Regularly cooking and grocery shopping are chores that often drain the elderlies� resources and energy. Not to mention that they are the ones who need the most nutrition. For this reason, nutrition and diet are among the common reasons why families opt for assisted living.
Assisted living offers dining options that are professionally prepared, nutritious and balanced, and tailor-fit to each resident�s diet restrictions and considerations.
Can you provide long-term care for them?
Taking care of your elderly loved one is a long-term commitment that will impact your daily routines, decisions, and resources. This factor is often set aside up to breaking point.

Being proactive on how you approach taking care of your loved ones will not only end this pressure, it will also give you an opportunity to provide long-term and quality care for them.
Have you or your family noticed a change in your and your loved one�s personality?
Is there any noticeable change in how you and your senior loved one treat each other, family members, and friends? This is a sign that caregiving is starting to take its toll in your family relationships. This may be linked to burnout, fatigue, and stress that this setup unfortunately could bring.�
Take the Next Step
Reflecting on these questions will help you recognize the signs that you and your elderly loved one need additional support.�Assisted living communities�will not only provide the right care, they could help your family plan and transition. In the end, the decision to find a�place for seniors�could be restorative for you and your loved ones and may help them regain their independence.��
Once you have recognized the signs, it is time to look for and consult with a senior living advisor. Find the best assisted living community in Laguna Niguel today.
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