3 Major Types of Respiratory Fraud

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To say that the respiratory industry is a major one would be an understatement. This is especially true among older individuals, as they will be most in need of devices such as ventilators, which allow them to breathe easily and maintain a certain quality of life. However, this is also an industry that’s prone to fraud, costing the public considerable amounts of money while benefiting large corporations. It’s important to know when to report respiratory fraud. To begin, here are 3 major types of respiratory fraud to keep an eye on.

Billing of Unrendered Services – One of the most common forms of fraud in the respiratory industry, not to mention a key reason to report respiratory industry fraud , is the billing of unrendered services. For example, imagine that an individual speaks to a company regarding a ventilator. The individual may know what they owe in terms of the ventilator, not to mention when it’s expected to arrive, how it should be used, and other details. However, when a customer is billed and the product doesn’t arrive, it’s a form of respiratory fraud that shines a negative light on the industry as a whole.

Data Mining – Generally speaking, data mining is the process by which data is discovered and stored. When it comes to the respiratory industry, the main reason data mining occurs is to place patients on more expensive products. This may also occur to provide patients with products that they don’t need. Data mining is a serious concern and the negative impact that it has on those reliant on respiratory products can’t be understated.

Forging of Medical Orders – When it comes to situations that fall under the umbrella of respiratory fraud, it can be argued that this is the most serious. For those that don’t know, medical orders may be forged or changed so that companies can receive payments for products or services that were never delivered. What this does is make it appear as though an individual signed off on a transaction without actually doing so. As a result, users will be wrongly charged. Needless to say, this is all the more reason for the general public to know how to report fraud.

While these are just a few examples of respiratory fraud, they are detrimental to the public. However, it’s not as if the public in question is without assistance. Many attorneys have experience in showing others how to report respiratory fraud . Furthermore, this can be done while keeping personal information confidential. It also should be noted that, depending on the size of the case filed, a whistleblower stands to make a sizable profit. If you have information about fraud in the respiratory industry, don’t be afraid to step forward and make a difference.
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