Imago Skincare Review

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Making use of only the most natural ingredients, Imago Skincare aims to offer your clients optimal results. The brand is in operation since 2004 and has focused in enhancing the formulations they use. In addition to retail outlets, Imago offers wholesale packages specifically for select salons. Find out what you can expect from their skincare products. Let's take a look at their method of production. It was started by a mother and daughter team, Imago is a handmade skincare brand that is made in California.

Pauline Thompson, a qualified aromatherapist, designed the products of Imago's skincare line. They're cruelty-free and manufactured using natural components that are sourced directly from the seas and plants. Also, they are paraben-free mineral oil and SLS-free. They also have products that, unlike others, are also organic and vegan. You can also browse the online store to determine which products are best for your needs. Imago Skincare is a good option for people with sensitive skin or who are sensitive to chemical ingredients.

Pauline Thompson created Imago Skincare is a pure skincare brand. The line contains natural and organic ingredients. The ingredients are derived from plants and marine sources. They're animal-free and paraben-free, SLS-free, and free of mineral oils. These products are great for those with fragile skin, or who suffer from acne. These are a wonderful choice to anyone who is looking for organic skincare products.

As you get older, your skin loses tone and elasticity. Additionally, it loses its the moisture. The hormonal changes that affect your skin may cause it diminish its tone and elasticity. It can cause wrinkles, lines and wrinkles. The solution to these issues is IMAGO Skincare with modern science and the chronobiology. Additionally, it is possible to seek professional assistance before you apply any product from their range. The website has more information regarding Imago products.

Pauline Thompson, an aromatherapist and herbalist has been making organic skincare products since. Her products incorporate organic and plant extracts into her formulations. Essential oils like the bergamot and lavender are helpful for the skin, reducing tension and inflammation. They are ideal for those with sensitive skin. The Imago brand is also free from any form of cruelty, and they do not include parabens. You can read about Imago's products on the website of the company.

The hand-crafted products of Imago Skincare are free from animals-derived ingredients. It uses natural and organic oils in its formulations to ensure they have the highest efficacy possible. Imago also provides additional services like reflexology and massage. Their most effective treatment to relieve stress is a back and scalp massage. Imago is through the internet for any to buy. If you are considering a skin care manufacturer, it's recommended to consult an experienced professional.

Imago Skincare is a top-rated skincare brand in the UK. Its products are made with natural, organic components. They are not contaminated with mineral emrt, animal phsy and paraben. Imago has natural skin care products. Their products are handmade and provide the ideal way to get the best results. The best way to care for your skin concerns is to provide correct care. Imago offers a range of premium skincare products with a special blend of essential oils.

As we get older the skin gets less supple and dry, as our skin loses elasticity and tone. Additionally, hormones may cause our skin to wrinkle or develop wrinkles or lines. Imago Skincare has a special combination of essential oils that makes the products more efficient. The sampler can be found on our site. We hope that you find it useful. The company has an extensive range of organic skincare and holistic solutions.

IMAGO Skincare only uses .imago natural skincare extracted from seawater and plant. The result is not only natural skincare, but we're providing our skin with an extra boost, removing anxiety and improving your mood. This is why we can't live without it. Because we're always busy, we'd like to have time to rest. Imago Skincare offers a wonderful option.

Imago's best product is its marine active complex. It pumps, feeds, and hydrates the skin. Its marine active complex is essential to having glowing, healthy skin. Use it on your face to moisturize, one drop at the time. Although originally intended to treat nighttime wrinkles, the marine active compound can also be used for other skin issues.
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