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PASP 5 g.Finally,in the view of drought resistance,the correlation between transpiration rate and leaf water potential of therapy ⑤ and ⑨ showed the very best formulation was therapy ⑨.Applying the technology of the SAP compound and exogenous substance in the forest cultivation is of nice significance to afforestation in arid areas. The tremendous-absorbent compound polymer was synthesized by aqueous answer polymerization utilizing acrylic acid and acrylamide as raw material. Without sap gel of nitrogen gas,with the supplies of potato starch,acrylic acid and acrylamide,ammonium persulfate as initiator with glycerol as crosslinking agent,salt-resisting super absorbent polymers was ready by aqueous solution polymerization method,and synthesis craft of potato starch salt-resisting super absorbent polymer was optimized. Objective: To organize Graft Copolymerizing Starch and Acrylic Acid Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) initiated by Oxidative-Reductive initiator "in a single pet".Mtehod: the Polymeric response is in a aqueous answer. Researching ice pack gel toxic in agriculture, adding their salt resistance, lowing their value, growing the degradability, preparing practical SAP might be the main analysis area of ASAP in the future. The results showed that the optimum reaction situations are as follows:the mass ratio of acrylic acid to acrylamide 5:1,response temperature 70 ℃,the neutralization diploma of acrylic acid 70%,the amount of initiating agent 0.1%,the amount of crosslinker 0.01%. Under such conditions,absorption charge of tremendous-absorbent polymer for pure water and salt water was as much as 2 653.0 g/g and 137.2 g/g respectively,which confirmed the polymer had good water retentivity.

Super absorbent resin ready from modification of pure polymers as a type of useful supplies has developed quickly in recent years.The unique chemical construction makes pure polymers can absorb water tons of even hundreds of times of their very own weight.Natural polymers may also absorb some sorts of salt options in comparatively giant amount.The introduction of natural polymer into molecular construction made the obtained supplies have good biodegradation capability,these materials might be extensively utilized in agriculture and forestry manufacturing,city gardening,water conservation and the struggle to drought and desertification.This paper summarizes the progress of super absorbent resin ready from modification of natural polymers,present issues in application are mentioned and additional growth prospects are proposed. Some distinct factors influencing the properties of the product had been obtained and the product was evaluated. 100% utility of fertilizer (F3) had obtained the utmost spike weight, above ground biomass, 100 seed weight and grain in each 2016 and 2017. Our data have shown that the applied SAP had a exceptional effect on corn growth and yield beneath different fertilization treatments, and its application of 30 kg/ha gave the most effective corn production index. Based on the leaf water potential, there was very important distinction between 0.5% HB1 and 0.25% HB1 therapies and there was no important distinction between other therapies of the 3 ranges, HB1 of 0.25%, 0.50% and 0.75%. There was no important difference among 0.5% HB2 with plant progress regulators, 0.5% HB3 (electrolyte fertilizer of divalent cation) and 0.5% HB1 (electrolyte fertilizer of monovalent cation).

The information on the leaf water potential and malondialdehyde(MDA) content material in leaf have been investigated and compared with 0.50% HB1.The connection and dynamic modifications in several treatments were analyzed. Additionally, water absorber are non-toxic, bio-degradable and therefore setting-pleasant, reusable and washable. Reference cement was employed following China National Standard GB/T 8076-2008. The principle efficiency indexes of this cement are supplied in Table 1. The category I FA in line with China National Standard GB/T 1596-2005 was used as a mineral admixture. The effect of super absorbent polymer(SAP) on the compressive energy and shrinkage of alkali activated slag cement mortar was studied. SAP can greatly reduce the autogenous shrinkage of alkali activated slag cement mortar whereas it has little impact on absolute drying shrinkage, typically it may lead to a rise in absolute dry shrinkage. On this paper,evaluation of the corn starch-acrylic acid graft super absorbent polymer is studied by electron microscope,scan electron microscope,infrared spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction.Other properties,comparable to water absorption pace,water-holding capability,performance reutilization,water-retention and reabsorption of the soil are studied.The outcome exhibits that: starch granules can't be seen within the floor of polymer,and don't have any effects in water absorption.The foremost issue to water absorption is the network structure formed by way of cross-linking.Then,water absorption and water-holding capacity below high temperature and strain were both superior.

Applying with the improper quantity may end up in dangerous results, both no effect, or soil permeability compromised if excess super absorbent polymer is used. To overcome the "bottleneck" downside concerning water and nutrition in present sand-fixation technology system,experiments had been carried out for 2 years in desert-simulating sand to check the influence of adding managed launch fertilizer(CRF) and super absorbent polymer(SAP) to cultivation system on the growth and growth of liquorice(Glycyrrhiza uralensis).Results showed that completely different CRF had completely different effect on water absorbent rate of SAP and various CRF launched nutritional components in simulated sand way more slowly than urea.Adding an quantity of fertilizer to the know-how system might prompt the growth and improvement of liquorice in shoot top,taproot size,lateral root quantity,growth of leaf,biomass(dry weight) and nutritional components(NPK) absorption.The present examine confirmed that the technology of adding SAP and CRF was relevant and it also discovered a novel means to unravel the issue of water and nutrition of sand-fixing plant.

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