Tours and excursions through Belarus

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If you enjoy traveling, or if you are curious, or you want to learn more about Belarus and its background, "travelagency " offers you several options for single-day excursions through Belarus as well as excursions all over the country from a couple of to many days. With fascinating tours throughout Belarus there's a chance to see the country of rich culture, historical traditions, and remains intact, its natural and animal life. We have worked with corporate groups, and with individual clients.

Most popular destinations:

Minsk. Sightseeing tou

It was devastated during World War II, Minsk following the war was rebuilt. Today the capital of Republic of Belarus -is the one of the most important economic, political and cultural centre of the nation. The modern metropolis, echoes from past time and the color of the past Soviet era, Minsk is attractive and welcoming to a large number of visitors.

Memorial complex

Khatyn - which was the previous village in the Logoisk region in the Minsk region of Belarus that became a symbol for the tragedy of the Belarusian people, the mournful page of the story of the World War II. It was a tragic event that occurred on day of the spring equinox, the 22nd of March 1943. in the village Khatyn was slain along with its residents. In 1969 the memorial that been immortalized in memory of all the victims from fascist terror across the Belarusian area was inaugurated.

Find out more about our Belarus tours

Take a look at the world of Belarus with our small-group tours. Make friends with local traders in Minsk's local markets for fresh produce such as cheese, nuts, and berries, or have a bite to eat in a traditional Stolle restaurant that serves a range of locally-made sweet and tart desserts. Your local tour guide will take you to walk around the city's vast avenues and huge squares which are dotted with Brutalist memorials and Stalinist architectural styles, and then go to find vibrant street art in the industrial zone.

Then, far from the city you'll find beaver, red deerand elk as well as bison among the beautiful marshlands located in the countryside of Belarus. экскурсии по Беларуси to nature by taking walking through forests, meadows and swamps in the varied Biosphere in Berezinsky National Park. Then, travel back in the past by visiting the turrets that are symmetrical of Mir Castle and the ornamental lakes of Nesvizh Castle.

Do you want to go to Belarus but not familiar with small group travel? We've answered some of the most-asked questions.

7 questions answered to help you plan your first adventure in a small-group setting

1. What is what is a Classic Discovery trip?

Classic Discovery trips are the most popular types of excursions we offer and offer the largest selection of locations. When you go on Classic Discovery trips, Classic Discovery trip you'll get close and personal to locations and communities that on your journey, witnessing the most important historical and cultural sights as well as discovering many hidden gems in the local area.

The tour leaders act as the glue that connects all the elements of an adventure trip. this is why we select only individuals who are among the best in business! Selected for their knowledge of travel, passion for their country and their ability to deliver a truly memorable experience, our tour leaders go out of their way to make sure you enjoy the trip of a lifetime.

2. Where will I stay?

We understand that getting a good nights' sleep is vital when traveling. We carefully choose every night's accommodation to balance comfort with the location and also help small, locally-owned, family-run hotels wherever we can.

The type of accommodation you will choose will depend on what's available in the locations you visit. We choose the appropriate accommodation for your trip rather than the other way around. We also look to weave in some real distinctive gems, ranging from Moroccan Kasbahs to traditional Japanese Ryokans, through to houses on stilts in Vietnam and Bedouin-style camp sites in Jordan. The accommodation we provide for groups will be clean, comfortable, as well as well placed for your travels.

3. Can I take a suitcase?

Absolutely - in fact, we advise getting a luggage or suitcase with wheels in order to make it easier to carry. You don't need to carry it long, but you'll want it to be light enough to carry in your room, for the bus, or on and off trains, boats or other boats, as needed.

4. I'm worried about traveling in a group. How can I travel alone with Explore?

Our small group trips are ideal for solo travellers - roughly half the people in our group are travel on their own. Our carefully planned itineraries with experienced leaders allow you to rest in the peace of knowing that everything will be taken care of.

Our groups are small, casual, friendly and enjoyable. There will be a unique experience and with people you know; some are solo travelers, while others might be couples or friends and traveling with them.

5. What kind of group of individuals will I be traveling with on a small group trip?

There are a variety of people who travel on our small-group tours. Our knowledgeable consultants are able to provide details about the distribution of the group thus far - the number that couples travel together versus solo tourists to name a few, and the age group of the group. The average size of our group is just 12; big enough for us to have a chance to interact with like-minded travelers but intimate enough to get right to the center of our destination.

6. Are there any moments of time off or for me to explore on alone?

Everyone travels differently and we've rated our journeys according to speed. Many travelers like to squeeze all they can from each day, while others like to have time to relax and enjoy the panorama. The 'Relaxed' tours we offer build around a lot of downtime and allow you to fully spend time in the surroundings. 'Moderate' trips combine fuller days with a bit of relaxation in between, and 'Full On' trips have mostly filled days and early departures, however each trip offers thrilling moments. You can choose to omit certain things if you believe you need some additional down time.

7. What will I cook for meals?

Food is a great way to learn more about a destination. We attempt to make meals as flexible as we can, and opting on Bed & Breakfast accommodation rather than full board or half board. This way you have flexibility to eat at any time and place you'd like and discover the cuisine and culture at your destination with your own initiative.

Our local tour operators are always available to offer suggestions. Of course you are able to dine along with groups, with your traveling companion or on your own. Your choice is entirely yours.

What can you expect from adventure travel experts

There's a reason why 98% of our customers have said they would be willing to book an excursion with us again.

Unforgettable experiences

From big wows to secluded gems, our tours can leave you feeling like you've explored.

Local guides with expertise

Selected for their great knowledge of their country, as well as a desire to make your journey unforgettable.

Little groups and private trips

Group tours are typically just 12 people and various private trip options are available too.

We do the right thing.

Our approach to business is what makes us different; our flexible reservation policy, loyalty program and sustainable plan.
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