The Best Link Tracking Software

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Is it a link-tracking system?

So, what exactly is link tracking?

Link tracking refers to the process of track the number of clicks generated by specific hyperlinks on your website and in your email messages, or even your tweets and social media pages. Link tracking can also be employed to find out if your customers are clicking on links associated to banner advertisements. It's a great way to check to make sure you are having the best results with those pay-per–click (PPC) advertising!

Link tracking is a great way to gain analytics for your marketing campaigns. It allows you to know how effective your method is and if you're required to change or improve your content improve the amount of traffic coming to the links.

You can incorporate the link tracking capabilities of trackingsoftware within emails you're sending, and links on your website, basically any place where you're inserting hyperlinks that users click on. trackingsoftware's Sonar application lets you create tracking links that you can utilize in any of your emails or outreach efforts to your current and potential clients. Evaluate the effectiveness of each of your tracking links in easily-read reports that explain just how effective they are and the number of clicks each one has received.

website click trackers is Your "Single Source of Truth"

You shouldn't be relying on the information provided by Ad networks, affiliate networks, autoresponder, shopping cart and CRM as well as other marketing applications you utilize ...

Since they don't have all the information necessary to develop accurate and meaningful marketing information.

Furthermore, some individuals like to take credit for everything!

The goal of ClickMagick is to be the "Single Source of Truth" The only place which you will be able to view all your key marketing metrics as well as their results. results with precise accuracy, all in one spot.

No iOS Doom And Gloom Here

The recent privacy changes that have been made with iOS has transformed the world of advertising online upside down, but at ClickMagick it's business as normal ...

ClickMagick is unaffected by the major industry-wide changes which began with iOS 14.5.

While marketers everywhere are panicking as they waste time and money to believe the doomsday stories being propagated by websites in addition to "gurus" selling courses, you'll not have even think about the issue.

Track & Optimize Your Entire Sales Funnel

ClickMagick is much more than just it's a "link tracker", and you can use it to easily monitor and optimize the most complex sales funnel.

For example, ClickMagick Campaigns is our modern tracking solution that uses UTMs standard to the industry and "first party" cookies -which cannot be removed -- to track your whole sales funnel with no redirects or tracking links.

It was built from ground up for tracking and improving all of Google, Facebook, YouTube as well as other paid ads ... as well as you could get it working in less than 5 minutes!

Bulletproof Cross-Device Tracking

The average Internet user owns 3.2 devices. The device frequently switches between themthis makes it impossible for them to monitor their activity with the majority of tracking devices.

They sign up on their mobile and view a live webinar on their iPad, and then decide to purchase on their desktop computer. Similar to what we do.

However, it does provide true cross-device monitoring -- something normally reserved for "the big guys" -which means you can monitor your performance, optimize and expand with confidence.

Advanced Attribution Modeling

At default, ClickMagick employs the standard "Last Click" attribution model.

This assigns full credit for conversions to the advertisement or link that the user clicked on, and generally provides the most exact picture of what drives users to convert.

But ClickMagick can also offer sophisticated "multi-touch" attribution models -such as Linear Location-Based, Time Decay -- that can provide even deeper insights on how various elements of your business are performing, and help you to expand your business like never.
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