Hotel Porto Center

StoutTyson0260 | 2022.02.19 01:06 | 조회 11 is located in the historic center of Porto and integrated into an emblematic building, as in the Coliseum of Oporto, classified as "Public Interest Monument". The Coliseum Hotel Porto is a theme and innovative hotel territorial and cultural inspiration, directed to the memories of the Oporto Coliseum since its construction until the present day. A proposal that allows the experience of the Coliseum and its most striking and iconic performances, making it a space of experience and reference of Oporto.

Opened in 1941

The building where the Port Hotel Coliseum is considered a synthesis work that closes the modern architect Cassiano Branco route. Opened in 1941, the result of a complex process of formal discussions started in 1937 with the proposals made by Jose Porto, Jan Wils, and the failed proposal for Julio José de Brito Aesthetics Committee of the Municipal Chamber of Porto.

Public interest
An avant-garde building that came to mark indelibly to downtown Porto and the hearts of all the people of Porto. The matrix nature of the good, the genius of the respective creator, its architectural and urban design, its extent, and that it reflected the point of view of the collective memory, the Oporto Coliseum is classified as a Public Interest Monument.

Up to the present day
Since its opening up to the present day, Oporto Coliseum lives under the spotlight, giving the population all kinds of spectacles: opera, dance, classical music, light music, variety shows, music, circus, party carnival, cinema, evening parties, and conferences. It is the largest city in spectacles room, receiving about 300,000 viewers per year.
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