Microsoft Windows XP System Requirements

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Occasionally, customers require assistance to mount Windows XP or troubleshoot an installation. If you are operating in a business environment, possibilities are high that a network manager will certainly have an automated (or semi automated) setup method in place, so you must know with the types of automated installations that you may encounter. If you are sustaining a residence user or a small network, it is more likely that you will assist individuals install Windows XP from CD-ROM, so you have to be familiar with the decisions that must be made throughout installation.

System Requirements

Before installing Windows, you should figure out whether the computer fulfills the minimum hardware demands for the installment. The equipment requirements for Windows XP Professional and also Windows XP Home Edition are as follows:

- CPU - It calls for a 233 MHz Intel Pentium II/Celeron or AMD-compatible cpu, although a 300 MHz cpu (or greater) is highly recommended. Its Professional supports as much as 2 processors.
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- Memory - Microsoft Windows XP needs a minimum of 64 MEGABYTES of arbitrary access memory (RAM), although 128 MB or even more is recommended. Normally, the more memory a computer running Windows has, the far better the performance. It supports a maximum of 4 GB of RAM.

- Hard disk room - It needs 1.5 GB of vacuum for setup. You may need additional disk area depending on the applications as well as functions you choose to set up.

- Display - It requires a Super Video Graphics Array (SVGA)-compatible or far better display adapter, with a screen with the ability of 800 x 600 resolutions.

- Input devices - The computer must have a key-board and also a Microsoft Mouse, Microsoft IntelliMouse, or other aiming gadget.

- CD-ROM - The computer should have a CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive if you will certainly be executing Setup from CD-ROM.

- Floppy disk drive - The computer has to have a high-density 3.5" drive if you will certainly be carrying out Setup across the network using a network customer or boot disk or if your computer does not support booting with the Windows XP setup CD.

- Network adapter card - The computer must have a network adapter card ideal for your network if you will be performing Setup from a network installation factor.

Sometimes, individuals need help to mount Windows XP or troubleshoot a setup. If Reset windows password are sustaining a house customer or a small network, it is extra most likely that you will help users install Windows XP from CD-ROM, so you need to be familiar with the decisions that have to be made throughout installment.

- Memory - Microsoft Windows XP needs a minimum of 64 MB of arbitrary access memory (RAM), although 128 MB or more is recommended.
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