WhatsApp Gateway Free in 2022

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Using the free CALIFORNIA Gateway is without a doubt quite profitable because the features can be used without having to spend anything. However, do you know exactly what features are obtainable within the WA Entrance? See the following evaluations in connection with features of which can be acquired when you employ the WA Entrance.

Multi CS

Typically the first feature is multi cs that can be used to start WhatsApp by additional than 1 client service. You may take advantage of this kind of feature if you have additional than one consumer service that has to take care of WhatsApp accounts.

Typically wa blast of this kind of multi CS characteristic is that each customer service can respond to customers swiftly using 1 accounts, so business users only have to monitor discussion. Additionally , this multiple CS feature can easily also be employed for order management to recap each and every order.

WhatsApp Website

WA gateway also provides WhatsApp website features according to the specifications with this platform which can certainly be opened through the desktop exhibit. This WhatsApp web will open the WA account by way of a computer or PERSONAL COMPUTER with a pretty systematic display.

Any time you use this00 function, you cannot connect your WA accounts to the standard WhatsApp web with the same moment. Because, this is definitely related to the guidelines applied by the particular official WhatsApp in which 1 account can only be opened up in one active window.


For anyone who want in order to make it better to store customer or relation numbers in large quantities, then this get in touch with feature can end up being used. The contact feature can be used to type contacts one by one or import them directly inside csw form.

Inside addition, this characteristic can also get used for contact management to which often information will be sent later. These contacts will then be kept in the contact form of a data source which can afterwards be managed when there are incoming messages or advertising tools.

Single and Group Massage

The next step that you receive from the CALIFORNIA Gateway for free of charge is an one and group massage therapy. The function of the feature is to be able to send messages to individuals or directly to groups basically. The advantage associated with this feature is that you may have to preserve contacts first.

Individual and group massage makes it simpler for WA Entrance users should they want to send emails to many folks but are limited inside of time if they have got to save associates. In addition, you can also employ this feature to give messages to your current pre-owned addresses.

WhatsApp Broadcast

WA Gateway also supplies a transmissions feature to deliver messages in bulk swiftly. You can have advantage of this specific broadcast feature in order to disseminate the latest information, such seeing that product promotions or even service policies, with regard to example.

Uniquely, you can even have the opportunity to send this particular broadcast message on applications other as compared to WhatsApp. However, the message still features to be monitored whether it can certainly be received or perhaps not through this specific WA Gateway. In addition , you can also use wa send to maximize typically the performance of typically the application.


This campaign feature can easily be used when you want to invite other people or customers to subscribe to services. You can make a form that will will be allocated to customers, in order that it can be stuffed out when attracted in registering.

Send out Item Report

Its not all messages sent through the WA Gateway can be received, so the send item survey feature is presented. The function regarding this feature is definitely to make it easier for WA Gateway users to monitor their activities.

You can view incoming, outgoing, successfully sent, and failed messages to the contact with the send out item report characteristic. Through the functions on the free WA Gateway, an individual can find away how far the broadcast massage has been successfully disseminated to the set of recipients that has been previously created.
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