How do you plan a camping excursion with 3-4 children and how to make sure everyone is happy

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Hello, I am the mother of three or four children. Why is there a gap between the 3-4 children? It's because I've had 4 children, however 2 of the boys are now too old for family gatherings, so normally we just see only one. This trip will include two of the girls younger than me and one of the boys, none younger than 12 years old. Yes, I'm a good mother, so my 14-year-old son will remain at home. Although he won't invite his peers or make any bad choices, it was impossible to take him on the trip, as he claimed that he would not be leaving this weekend.

The whole family loves camping trips. There are plenty of stories to tell at every gathering. Because children are the center and focus of our lives. Everybody should be aware of what the joy of life is. Since we take trips about every month, we've got a lot of stories to share and a tale for every situation. The best part is that we don't invent anything. It's real because it was actually happening.

You can also spend some time returning before getting there. There are times of downtime during rains and bad weather generally where we all snuggle in the tent and watch television or listening to music. We do play a lot of games, but of course there are times when we'd rather unwind after climbing the mountains or exploring the nearby caves. These times, and travel times, are what led to us finding a great way both to educate and entertain our kids. We've been dividing the tablet in two recently however that's not accurate. One tablet is intended for children and the other one is for teenagers. They simply need to use it simultaneously at all times, so having two tablets is more sensible..

One gadget is intended for children. You can find instructional videos on the device that will make your kids churn your brain a little. There are videos of babies Shark and other well-known children's celebrities and also Teletubbies unboxing and unboxing. A lot of these videos were found on Youtube. While we were initially trying to connect to wifi while we were away there, nobody was able to help us. It's simple the phones are beyond the range of the network, and they lose Internet. It's fine, we love the weather, so it's easy to adjust to the absence of internet. Before we go to the campsite we will prepare the video material. We use one or two of the most well-known Youtube video downloading sites - Y2mate. Flvto. 2Conv. Each has its plus and minus sides as well as cons and pros using them, however I learned that if one of them is unable to download a video from Youtube - then the other two step in, although typically Y2mate can handle everything. Flvto and 2Conv can sometimes block downloading of specific videos.

You can search for YouTube videos with Y2mate. You just have to type in what you children have been saying in song's lyrics during the past week. It will then pop up. Then you can download the video as an MP4 to your computer, or directly transfer it to the tablet. If you have a YouTube playlist, you can copy the URL and then send the URL to Y2mate. It will give you a list with videos that you can choose from and let you download them in a series. Y2mate can also be used for converting videos from Youtube to mp3. No matter what we make at home, download many videos for our children, and then for teens we select a small selection of the most popular music videos. Some are converted to MP3 while some are converted into mp4 videos. Our kids enjoy it so much that we don't need to fret.

We have also got our own laptop, which has many TV and movie shows. Because it has more storage space, we downloaded HULU as well as Netflix apps onto the laptop. This made it possible to download shows and movies offline. It's very simple to perform it all you need to do is click a button. In just a couple of days or hours it will appear in your library. All you do now is click and watch at any time, from anywhere, doesn't matter the connection is wireless or not on your laptop and you can access it whenever you please. It will all be instantly availableand you'll be able to access it via your laptop or desktop. This one we keep in our closet and then only play when the rain lasts too long, we like our kids to be able to watch instructional or DIY shows but TV and movies shows can be very helpful, trying to calm down energetic family coupped up in the tent for 36 hours straight...

Here are some of the suggestions and tricks that we hope can help you make your next camping trip a success. After the recent epidemic and the recent outbreak, it's beneficial to get away. It lets you get back to basics and learn how to be a farmer. We take food with us however, we should not forget a meadow full of edible berries.
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