Mothers can be a positive influence when they work together in order to assist their children.

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Coalition of Mothers Against Censorship (shorter CoMAC), is back on the offensive. Following the unrest of Summer 2020 and the a majority of those who suffered were mothers. Their sons and daughters were taking to the streets in protest against different causes. Mothers were at home, waiting, and anticipating the day their children were due home for treatment. The pandemic meant that visiting the emergency department to treat minor ailments was not an alternative. You can easily contract Covid simply by being there. Most mothers preferred to care for their children at home by applying bandages and covering any cracks or cuts with lots of disinfectants.

After everyone had calmed down for months or weeks, CoMAC was back, trying to convince the government that this wasn't the way. Have you seen the protest videos? Are you surprised? It was amazing to see how Police would treat peaceful protesters. getvids You can view these videos on Youtube or on twitter. The internet doesn't have the right to save evidence of illegal acts. youtube download If someone makes a claim to the videois on YouTube, it can be deleted. This will erase the accounts of eyewitnesses and firsthand accounts.

Did you know that police could play popular songs while filming to activate copyright mechanisms when the video is shared on Youtube and other sites which respect digital rights. This is yet another method of hiding evidence and traditional practices of not listening to reliable sources of information regarding what's going on in local and international communities. Youtube and Twitter video sharing are often taken down for copyright-related claims. CoMAC has to sometimes follow up on uploaders to ensure that the evidence remains available. Moms need to band in solidarity and provide assistance to one another. We must stand up to stop intentionally removing evidence of violence committed by government workers against peaceful protesters.

Mothers are those who find themselves at the forefront of the news due to the fact that they hug their children, who bring home the smoke of the frontlines. We've come to believe that our kids are secure in their neighborhoods in the event that this is true. Lets take control of the events that surround us. Only through individual responsibility and stronger government surveillance can we be successful as a community and conquer our challenges in a graceful and powerful grip of just intentions. Be sure to stop by the branch in your area. CoMAC branch. Come on out!

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