Video storage online isn't always secure. Websites may shut down or shut down. Here's how to back up

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My story isn't very big. I was born, went to school, worked, labored, finally achieved something online.. But it also includes a few devastating moments, in which I thought that everything was lost for ever. One of these moments was when the computer in my home suddenly stopped functioning. After a few minutes of tweaking, shifting the hard drive from the old drive to the new drive and obtaining a new desktop, all of my work was restored. It took me three days of sweating and crying... I've learned one thing. To automatically or manually back up my day's work using Dropbox and personal FTP servers to ensure that nothing can ever be erased.

However, it's not the best choice. The more data stored online is the higher the cost you'll have to pay to allow it to be saved online. It's very simple and appears to be secure. Also, it's accessible and can be downloaded anywhere you have access to internet. What is the consequence if WiFi or an internet connection isn't available? I always keep my laptop close at hand during these instances. It is my last line of defense against the most difficult situations. There are two drives on it, one for each HDD. This lets them copy each other and also ensures that one copy remains in case of failure. Because I copy most of my files there, it is rare that my laptop will work. I do not want 2 drives to go out on the same day.

Another day of great sadness occurred a few months ago. I take care not to lose my work. As I stated in the previous paragraph, I now have multiple copies of it and am able to access it from wherever internet is available. The difference was about Periscope. I have used it many years back. I even did live streaming during the Riots in summer 2020. Periscope TV has now closed and all videos will disappear within weeks. What can you do? I'm required to download all of the videos to store them offline on my laptop. These are important to me. This is the last time we've had a night out with my friend.

His site is one I regularly visit. It lets me download videos from Youtube and Instagram and Facebook - which are some of the sites where I keep most of my live streams. I am a fan of politics and underground movements, and so I film a lot of live events, then save them for future use and publish them on my YouTube channel and each time live is over, I back the video to my laptop. This is what I do. It allows me to cross-posting videos across different platforms. Not only can I post Youtube videos on Facebook however, I can also upload the video directly onto Facebook. It's its own video. from save In actuality I am able to store more than 3TB live feeds in the past 8 year. Periscope Lives aren't going away.. It's helped me a lot.

It works flawlessly. Start the Periscope video that I wish to download, and copy the URL using the share link. Then, I go to the website for downloading videos then paste the video URL there, and within a few seconds I will see multiple choices for downloading videos. I can download it to my desktop computer or laptop, transfer it to other platforms, and preserve it for my family and friends ones. Periscope is not accessible on all platforms. The site has the ability to manage m3u8 files that other sites download for you. I go to the video downloader site and paste the video's link where they want it. After that, I hit the big button. Video doesn't download to my computer, it's online and it plays online when player loads small fragment files one by one.

In case you were not aware, the Windows copy command is a great tool to connect these fragments and create a normal length video file. The video format used for video fragments is MpegTS which is also known as transport stream. The format for video used in fragments is Mpeg TS. It allows newcomers to stream from to the center of the stream with no interruption. It also saves data from browsers, too. Instead of downloading a single hour file, it downloads 360 x 10-second files. If you watch only 25 seconds, your player only downloads 3-4 fragments. The current 25 second stretch gets 3-4 fragments. This decreases the download time by only downloading 25 seconds after the start of the stream.
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