How do you find car insurance?

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After I parking. I hit on somebody's automobile then she was beginning the doorway. How much should I pay? I have a student permit and that I was training parking with my friend who's with push license over 21. Once I exercise parking. It was not bounce on my back but the last moment I practice. There's a vehicle just parked back me and that I did not notice it. While the door is opened by her. I accidentally hit on her door. It's not too bad. A bit dent. And she said she's likely to call the insurance . When it is not very costly. I'll spend. So. I simply wonder just how much I will be charge by it. Thanks
"Young Driver on Mitsubishi L200"It has been a big problem for some monthsIn new york"I heard that there's a vehicle insurance where you only pay $50 one time"What're the insurance assortment for a CBR600RRBraces will be paid for by which children healthinsurance?
"I've a collector auto and I have insurance via a collector car insurance organizationGradual promotes that they show theirs together with the costs of other insurance companies to you. I'm an ongoing long-time consumer of Modern and want to look to around for options. If I contact ProgressiveHow can finding a fresh state permit influence your car insurance ?
Simply how much do you think my insurance will be?
"I was involved with a rentalcar a couple of year-ago outoftown in critical weather and finished up rear ending the individual in front of me"Since this is my next speeding ticket may my Insurance increase
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