A story about a terrible loss, a miraculous discovery and the good times which came after

BrownLaursen7867 | 2022.02.20 13:56 | 조회 9
Hallo! Today I'd like to share with you an account of the most devastating loss and the greatest miracle. My life was devastated just a few days ago when my dearest and most disliked Samsung Galaxy S9 phone died. I'm not sure how it happened but I knew that I didn't have it anymore. This was a disaster.

The problem was resolved by having my phone unlock with a fingerprint. All of my information shouldn't be at risk, and my bank accounts must be safe. This isn't about security or negatives of losing your phone. It isn't just about wanting to go without a phone for at least a few hours. Hehe.. I survived..

Google and Facebook come to your aid

You may have noticed that my first thought was to recover all of my "life information". I then went to Google. You might know that google and android are able to seamlessly backup your entire collection of photos and videos. For a couple of hours, they helped me, I was copying every image , video that I have saved in my backups of my system over the decades. Thank you Google! LOL. I am not religious, more of an atheist, but i've said it! =

After some time of reviewing my old and also more recent memories I realized that the LIVE porting was not working. I was missing all my videos from Facebook live events. I was in desperate need of these videos... I'm unable to rest until I get all my videos back...

So I went to facebook.. There were many videos that weren't available in other places.. and i needed them.. After a bit of research I found the answer. Facebook downloader was the one which saved the day.

Youtube Video downloader works in conjunction with Facebook! Thank you!

This is a very well designed and simple to use Facebook downloader. It's as simple as this:

1. Log into Facebook and download the video you're interested in.

2. Right-click on it or tap and hold until a menu appears to display the URL You can select it and then copy it from the box using CTRL+C or tap-n-hold + COPY in the menu.

3. go to Facebook's video downloader website, click in the box, paste the video URL with right click + paste or hold and tap to paste in the menu.

4. Go to the button, and then wait.

5. On the next screen, you can click the red Download HD Video button.

This is all!

It's that easy, even your grandmother can do it! Here's what it appears like after you submit the video URL.

I discovered this website and all my facebook videos were downloaded to my phone in a matter of hours. (Yes I am a fan of video. https://getvideo.club There were around 60 videos).


It is simple to download videos from Facebook. Try it for yourself! If you're looking to restore your YouTube library using keepvid, you can do so with the help of this tool. https://getvideo.club This tool can even work to convert YouTube mp3s... But don't worry about it. Saving your videos and downloading them is totally legal. It is even legally permitted to download your company party video and save the file on your mobile. =

This article is hoped to assist.
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