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I'm just getting acquainted with this website, DailyMotion.com. It's a site I've had a good understanding of for years. It was one of the three most popular video websites when video was still in its early days - Youtube. Vimeo. Dailymotion. Now, look at it. It's the home of some of the most popular online content. Take a at this site now with me and you'll be adamant that Daily should be one of your top sites to visit every day. Yes, I have used a daily there twice just for fun.

These are the features you should look out for when visiting Daily Motion. It's first and foremost full of live news broadcasts, and anything that's not mainstream, C-Span type of broadcasts, it all ends at DailyMotion. Popular journalist work is displayed prominently on the homepage. That makes me think they're advertising the political aspects of their website. Periscope has been gone and Twitter is working to remove political live streams. Even their current slogan Dailymotion - The place for videos that matter, is it not already hinting toward political issues? You see, my funny cat videos are important. But then again when you look at the reports on recent shootings, as well as the other things that affect lives you can't help but consider that Daily is playing a huge politician.

There are many different sports. Not only broadcasts about sports, but also programs on these sports. While they're often of poor quality, it can be watched on mobile devices. If I come across a good long broadcast, I save it to my computer using this online video downloading app. It allows me to choose the best quality and video formats. It's saved as an mp4 file on my PC, which I then transfer to my smartphone. Then I can watch an 1.5-hour football match to enjoy as I travel to work.

http://ka4ay.stream/en/ Dailymotion is another tool that large companies such as CNN and BBC make use of to operate their news channels online. But in their case, it's easy. They just copy videos from their live broadcasts or website live streams, and put them on Youtube and then they can be found on other major networks including their Facebook video streams, and of course Daily Motion is one of the channels. You can see Ted Cruz's sad face on CNN International's Dailymotion page. They must have had plenty of fun. You'll find a section with Billboard videos, which are coming from Planet Hollywood. You could also suggest that they're just replicating their Youtube channels to Daily Motion since it is easy and nobody is stopping them.

Dailymotion offers a vast selection of TV shows and television episodes that span across the world. I don't exactly know how to locate their collections or playlists with episodes from the same show, but maybe Google will help, it's the search engine, after all. When I'm searching for something interesting to stream, I stumble across links that take me to Dailymotion pages where episodes of TV series originate from India, Argentina, Korea and many more countries all over the world It's awe-inspiring what is available on Dailymotion. You can search for your favorite show and enter it immediately. Big Brother Canada? It's simple to find it on Google and find over 300 episodes that are accessible to stream directly via Dailymotion. In such situations I use the site again, and download a few episodes onto my phone and then watch them during my travels. Like I said, the quality of the video isn't always top-notch, but it still works great! I'll be there Daily!

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