How do you prepare for a small camping tripwith only 3-4 kids.

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Hello! I'm a mom to 3-4 kids. Why am I putting an undetermined number between 3 and 4? Since I have four kids and 2 older boys, which cannot participate in our family activities and we typically only get to see one. This trip will include two girls who are younger and one of the boys. None of them are younger than 12 years old. My 14-year-old son will be staying at his home. He's not expected to invite anyone and make a lot of poor decisions. However it was not possible for me to take him with me, because He stated that he wasn't going anywhere.

Families love to talk about our camping trips. Every family has their own stories and we tell the stories. Because children are at the center of everything, it's important that everyone has an icebreaker or conversation start. Because we camp every month, we've got plenty to share. The best thing is that we do not fabricate anything. It's real because it was actually happening.

There are two components of the trip: to get there and return home. There are down times in heavy rains or adverse weather conditions, where everyone can snuggle up together in the tent and listen to music or television. There are moments where we want to take a moment to ourselves after climbing an incline or exploring nearby caves. This, as well as the fact that we drive a lot, led us to find a great way of teaching our children to not be glued to their screens. In truth, lately we divided it into two tablets. One tablet is intended for kids and the other for teenagers. It is just that they need to use it simultaneously throughout the day Two tablets make more sense.

One gadget is intended to be used by children. It's loaded with educational videos to help children churn their brains a little. You'll find videos of famous children's stars such as the baby sharks and teletubbies, as well. The majority of the videos were downloaded from Youtube. Although we initially tried to connect to the internet in the woods while we were away there, nobody was able to assist us. It is simple that our phones go out of reach of the network and lose Internet. It's OK. We love the weather, and we have learned to cope without Internet. Before we head to the campsite we make video-related materials. We use one or two of the most well-known YouTube video downloading sites - Y2mate. Flvto. 2Conv. Each site comes with its own pros and cons, they all have their advantages and drawbacks. If one can't download the Youtube video then the other two will be able to take over. However, Y2mate usually takes care of everything. Flvto and 2Conv may hinder downloading specific videos.

You can search Youtube videos using Y2mate. Once you've entered the words your kids are singing, it will show you the results. Then, select the one you want and download the MP4 file onto your computer. If you have a YouTube playlist You could copy the URL and forward it to Y2mate. It will give you a selection of videos you can select from and let you download them all at once. Y2mate can also be used for convert Youtube videos into MP3. For children, we can download a lot of videos. For teens it is enough to get a few music videos. They love them, and there's no need to be concerned.

Additionally, we have a laptop on which we have quite a bunch of TV Shows and films on it. It also has more storage space, so we can download films and shows to watch offline. It's extremely easy and straightforward to perform. All you have to do is click one button and then wait for the show or movie to be added to your library. Click and go, and it'll be waiting for you to access. There's no data transfer, buffering or slow loading, everything will play instantly from your laptop or computer. We hide behind the umbrella and only leave when it's too heavy, the one that we want to see with our children is educational or DIY. However, movies and TV shows are great to calm the family who has camping in the tent for over 36 hours.

These tips and techniques will help you in your next camping trip. In light of the recent epidemics It's always a good idea to plan an adventure in the wilderness.
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