How can you keep boredom at bay during long hours of working as a security guard in an underground f

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The times are difficult. It is difficult to navigate the gig economy. I used to do very well, before pandemic struck however, now along with my primary job as dental assistant I have to accept a night-time position as security guard at an adjacent machine manufacturing plant. It's mostly automated, and workers work during the day, and night time crew consists of me and 2 engineers. I've got an emergency phone number I can contact in the event of any problem or if machinery suddenly stops functioning. Then I call engineers and/or dial outside to get more engineers. I do nothing. The thing is, they're not producing anything of value, so night time guard is really an ordinary switch board attendant..

in any case, I kind of enjoy it. It's peaceful. Although I'm usually a sleepy person I find it quite spooky. The evenings can be monotonous , so I often explore new ways to make them pass quickly. I've spent the last 2 weeks perfecting the dance that I watched on Tik Tok. Although it's not too difficult, it's extremely difficult for me to duplicate the dance. It was invented by a young Tik Tok girl. I'm old and I don't know how to describe this kind of thing.

I've been trying different car-fixing videos recently. While I don’t know how to apply these techniques to my car immediately I do like watching others fixing their vehicles. DIY videos are often very informative and easy-to-follow. And so I started running into another problem. My internet went down shortly enough for me to be capable of viewing any content or use the internet in any other way. Evidently, I discovered how to download YouTube videos Youtube and put them on my phone, and then even during the hours of no internet access I could stream DIY videos right off my phone. It doesn't matter what you do and it doesn't matter if you stream the video on the internet, or some other site online or download it from home. You can then watch it right off your phone when there’s no internet connection or wifi. It's as easy as DVR to stream your online videos.

To my absolute delight I've found out how I can download new episodes or even films directly onto my laptop. I started bringing my laptop to work, because it has much bigger screen and better speakers, which makes it better to stream TV shows there. I signed up with HULU as well as Netflix. I can now download their apps and watch movies instead of streaming them. The duration of the show as well as quality choices will determine how quickly the video will download to my device. It will then be accessible at all times, without internet access. Even though the TV is only 15 minutes long, it is enough for me to watch the previous night's episodes.

There are many other educational or just plain interesting resources that I can access at home to help speed up the pace. YouTube's self-improvement workshops are a great resource. But, again it isn't easy to sit through a one-hour video and keep up with the information they're presenting. It's easy to see how. You'll see what I mean.

Sometimes, I take my son to work with me. This is because my wife does her night shift, making it challenging for us to be at home with our child. Therefore, I take him along with me, place him near the computer screens where I can monitor my own work and within a couple of minutes he's asleep.. I give him my laptop that has a few music videos that I downloaded, and he sits down to watch the crazy young artists on screen. I am content to do my job on the phone, but he wakes up. Doing our own thing is the best way to work together. He does seem to enjoy being with me. Perhaps he's tired of sleeping all the night.
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