How can you avoid boredom in the middle of long nights as a security guard in an underground facilit

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These are difficult times. The new world of gig economy, I'm finding it difficult to navigate the same way as I did before. I did very well in my previous job, but I was fired from my position as a dental assistant. Then, I am required to work night shifts at the local machine manufacturing facility. The plant is mostly automated, workers are present during the day, and nighttime crew is comprised of myself and two engineers. I've got an emergency telephone number that I can dial if there is an issue or machinery ceases to function. Then , I contact engineers or call outside line for more engineers. I'm not doing anything. They're not generating any value at all. So night guards are really an unimportant switchboard operator.

In all likelihood I really like it. It's quite. While I'm an insomniac and sometimes, I get up due to excessive gas release during the night. However, here it's quiet. Even though nights are boring, I try to get them to go by faster by trying out new activities. I've spent the past 2 week perfecting the dance I saw in Tik Tok. Although it's not too difficult, it's extremely hard for me to reproduce the dance. It was created by an untrained Tik Tok girl. I don't know how to describe that stuff since I'm an old person..

I've been trying new videos to fix my car in the last few months. I'm not able to implement them right away on my car but I love watching other drivers have their cars stop-stopping. DIY videos are also informative and easy to follow. Then I ran across another issue. My phone would stop functioning, and I could not play any video or do other useful activities. It seems I was able to download videos from Youtube, place them on my phone, and then even during the hours of no internet access, I could watch DIY videos right off my phone. No matter how you go about it, it doesn’t matter whether you stream the video on a site, some other website or download it from home. You can then watch it right off your phone when there’s no internet access or wifi. It's as easy and straightforward as DVR.

To my absolute joy I was able to download new episodes and movies onto my laptop. My laptop is much more comfortable than my desktop, and has better speakers. I signed up with HULU and I now have Netflix and Hulu, both of them allow you to download their apps and instead of watching some movie that you want to download, you can mark it as downloaded, then put it off for a couple of hours, depending on the duration of the show and quality options, the video will be downloaded to your device, and will be available to enjoy at any time, with or without internet access. It's only 15 minutes long , but it will allow me to watch the most recent episode that I missed during my commute to work.

You can also find other useful or educational materials at home that you can carry with you when working. This helps the time go by quicker. Youtube's webinars regarding self-improvement techniques are a great resource. However it's not easy to sit through a one-hour video and follow the content. If you know what I'm talking about... You'll understand what I'm talking about.

At times, I'll take my toddler son with me to work on days that my wife works her night shift as well and it is impossible for us to stay with the child. I take him with me and put him in front of the computer screens to monitor my work. In a matter of hours, he's asleep. However, when he awakes and I hand him my laptop with a couple of newly downloaded music videos. And as he is watching all those amazing young artists doing their crazy things on screens and he's happy. I am happy to continue doing my task on the phone.. It's how we work together better, by doing our own thing.. He seems to really enjoy being with me. Maybe he's tired of sleeping all the night.
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