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This fantastic website, DailyMotion.com (or Daily, in the sense that it's short and friendlier), was recently discovered by me. It's true that I've been a fan of this site for years, it used to be just one of the 3 most well-known video sites in the days before video was starting with Youtube, Vimeo and Dailymotion. It's clear that it is a hub for the most relevant content on the internet. Just take a closer take a look now and you'll be adamant that Daily should be on your list of websites you should visit daily. Yes, I held back from using a daily here twice for a shallow daft pun.

These are the features you should be looking for when you go to Daily Motion. The site is brimming with live news streams. This includes anything that isn’t C–Span, mainstream broadcasts of the same type. All of it will end at DailyMotion. Many of the most popular journalist's work is shown on the front page. It makes me wonder what they're doing to push the political aspects of the website, as Periscope is gone and Twitter has been trying to not to permit political live streams. Their current slogan"Dailymotion" - the home for quality videos is it not already hinting toward the political? It's obvious that my cat videos are important. But, when you look at the recent shootings, and see all the lives matter stuff and it leads you to think that Daily might be a political outlet.

There are numerous sports programming and shows, which don't just discuss them and broadcasts of every kind from around the globe. The quality of video broadcasts is generally poor however, they can be watched on mobile. The online video downloader allows me to save nice, long broadcasts like these to my computer. I save the mp4 file to my computer and later move it onto my mobile phone. This allows me to watch 1.5hr of football which I can enjoy as I drive to work.

Dailymotion is another application that large companies like CNN and BBC employ to manage their news channels on the internet. But in their case it's simple. They just copy videos from their live broadcasts or website live streams, and then put them on Youtube then it's all over the other big networks including their Facebook video streams as well as, of course, Daily Motion is one of their video streams. There's even a sad Ted Cruz's face shown on CNN International's page on Dailymotion... It's evident that they're laughing quite a bit. There's a section with Billboard videos. They come from channels like Planet Hollywood and stuff, and of course full of fresh music, charts topping songs, from the most popular artists out there. https://keepv.id/29/ You can also suggest they are just replicating their Youtube channels onto Daily Motion as it is easy and nobody is stopping them.

And lastly, Dailymotion is chock full of episodes and TV shows from all over the world. I'm not exactly sure how to find their playlists or collections of episodes from same show, maybe Google could help with that since it's the search engine after all. Sometimes, I am seeking out good content. Links take me to Dailymotion pages, where I can view episodes of India or Korea. It's incredible the variety of content available on Dailymotion. Use the search engine and enter your favourite show. Big Brother Canada Find it, and you will discover more than 300 episodes. In these instances I visit the site and save several episodes on my smartphone to be able to watch the episodes whenever I'm not traveling. While the video quality can be a little poor but it's a great solution! I'll see you there daily!
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