Remember the place we came from.

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Although I don’t know what year or where you were born, I'm definitely one of those who belong to the generation X-Y borderline. I grew up in rural areas with no clubs. When I was 20 years old, I went to my first club night. There were many highs and lows to remember what I did. However, my friends informed me they had a great night. It was my first club night experience, which was more like the experience of a baptism. After that, I was hooked. I wasn't attracted by the luxuries of this life however, I was attracted to the way things went.. I changed clubs from one to another for several years. You may recall the song "Who's going to give me a ride to the aftershow?" It was me. I got out of an establishment at the first light to take a taxi to continue the journey at the house of a friend, and getting ready for the night.

We were full of life and youthful energy, some days not sleeping at all. We said goodbye to the final BOO Party and then headed towards Central Park to take a walk.. I remember covering myself with antiperspirant head to toes, and rubbing my forehead, sweating my forehead for hours, just my forehead.. We discovered Alice in Wonderland an expose of copper statues. We went through the crowd and didn't find them again, although we spent following months specifically going there to look for these figures, statues and other artifacts, but without success and they disappeared forever.. It was only that beautiful spring day, they showed their rusty sides to us.

The night was recorded in a video that my group of friends posted on Youtube... Most likely to save it forever for the benefit of our group.. Since then, we've become separated , and I decided to find this video. Surprised, the video was removed. Also, there was an audio recording of the party which was said to come by a certain label. It can be used on your phone too.. The only thing I'd need to do is send the video URL to 2conv and then download the video to my computer.. Unfortunately, I was unable to contact the group member who had been with us for five years and it was great to chat with them.

Everybody must be cautious to not claim anything in their videos and soundtracks. It is possible to be accused of infringement if you used the work of another or a similarity to. They may also claim that you earned money through the creation of the video.
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