Youtube is chock-full of great tutorials.

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You might be wondering what has changed in the last year. It's my commute. It's astonishing how empty the train station is while it commutes to work. The train used to be full of people. Many had to get up because they couldn't hold back their sleepiness. Now, there are only handful of people in each train car. All of them work at home or no job. Another unfortunate consequence of the epidemic is that many are losing their jobs. It was clear that I could not switch to working at home. My job requires me to exercise using equipment that can't be remotely accessed. The equipment can also be transported outside to take home. It is a shame that I work from home. where is thou..

So, using the anonymity of few train riders these day, I've delved deep into tutorials aswell as different instructional manuals. This site is mostly full of tuts on most various subjects, beginning with drawing a shadowed circular shape in Adobe Photoshop, and ending by stacking hundreds of effects, rendering 3D models with reflections and chrome.. Although some of this is difficult to accomplish at home, I'm able follow the steps and recreate desired effects. It's all computer-related. I apologize for any misinformation I may have given you.. I am constantly learning to enhance my capabilities to live a more satisfying life.

It was around 12 years ago when I discovered the ways grout and tiles can be applied to floors as well as walls. I did it fully with YouTube tutorials and videos, and our bathroom is fantastic with brand new flooring and walls, brand new plumbing fixtures and fixtures as well as a new toilet, flooring bords, basically new everything.. The bathroom is fantastic however showering has never been more satisfying and I am standing there proudly knowing I've done it! Do you not think it's the most wonderful feeling anywhere? I'm sure it is.. It took me 8 years to do all the things. I worked alone and learned while I went along, approximately 2 dozen tiles had been broken before I realized tile needs to be scored, and then special angular breaker should be applied to break it across the cut that has been scored.. It was a fantastic tool that helped me to cut both narrow and short pieces of tile.

Usually , I'd just use the Youtube video downloader site to save the mp4 file onto my laptop. I'd install it in the bathroom, and begin playing videos as I tried to apply the knowledge I acquired toward the job to be completed. I currently do the exact thing with my Ipad. I take it on the train and go through amazing tutorials. CSS is my best companion. I have learned to program a lot of JS tricks that I was struggling to understand. I now know how to sneak up on someone when they least expect it. This channel has provided me with many ecommerce tips. I'm shocked that it will take me so long to test them all.

Dailymotion and Vimeo offer a wide range of educational videos. If you don't think video is important I could convert them to mp3 and make podcasts from the files. You can also save them as mp4 files on your laptop, and play pretending it's the same as a lesson. Remember that downloaded files tend to be in the browser downloads folder. Most browsers can save the files to your desktop, or open a folder using shortcuts, which means you might need to take some time off. I sure do.
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