What You Should Know About Renting An Email List

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You may have heard of the concept of "list building" or "email list generation." But you may not understand the concept behind how to rent an email list and benefit from its potential. Renting lists is a smart way to attract new customers and generate leads for any business, large or small. This article offers a few helpful tips on how to get started.

There are basically two ways to rent lists: One-time usage and multi-use. Email lists are one-time purchases. When you rent an email address, you get a full month's supply of emails. You may never actually need to rent these addresses over again. Email list rental services let you rent an email address indefinitely, and get regular emails from your existing list subscribers forever.

When you sign up with a lead broker, be sure to ask about their return policy. A good broker will tell you upfront whether or not they will charge you a fee if you haven't converted any sales. Be sure to ask about the open rate, or the percentage of sales that you can expect to convert. A high open rate is an indicator that the broker has a strong relationship with his or her clients, resulting in more open rates for you. The higher the open rate, the more likely a potential customer will actually click through and purchase something. Also, make sure the broker lets you know how you can contact your customers after your initial contact with the broker.

Open rates and click-through rates are related, but they are two very different concepts. A landing page should never deliver more than one percent of its subscribers to a lead, and at the same time, a subscriber should never receive more than one percent of his or her subscription to your list. To calculate this, take the total number of subscribers on your list and divide it by the total number of subscribers who have ever rented a live address from you. This gives you the open rate, which is the percentage of subscribers who have rented from you that have purchased anything from your site.

Buying email addresses from a list broker is the easiest way to increase your open rates. You simply contact the list broker, tell him that you would like to rent some addresses, and he can find them for you for a small fee. Once you have the addresses, you just have to forward the emails to your subscribers, and all your marketing is done for free. As you can see, renting is the most cost effective way of growing your business with little overhead.

Buying email lists from a broker, however, allows you to do much more. With each email rented from the broker, you get charged a certain amount per thousand impressions. If you send ten emails, you will be charged fifty cents per thousand impressions. If you send fifty-five emails, you will be charged seventy-five cents per thousand impressions. As you can see, the amount that you are charged depends on how many subscribers you have with you, not what you are charged for renting the addresses.

Another thing that you should watch out for when you rent an email list, is whether or not the broker you have hired is sending emails only to your subscribers. There are companies that rent email lists only to their own clients, so that they do not have to pay to rent the addresses from third party companies. These companies will charge you an inflated price for the privilege. And you will never actually be able to sell anything to these people as they will not be able to compile a quality email list for you. These companies will never allow you to have a minimum sales amount, so if you try to run a campaign with them, you will never make any money off of it.

There are definitely some bad apples when you are renting email lists, and if you know the signs of bad apples, you will be able to tell when you are signing up with a company that might be renting email addresses to their clients. Do not be a victim of renting an address and never make money from it. There are many reputable companies that will give you an opt-in email lists that you can use for whatever marketing purpose you may have. Just do your research before renting any of these. Know what the minimum sales amount is for each company that you are renting from, and never by more than this amount. By following these simple tips, you can avoid most of the problems associated with these companies and keep making money from the marketing campaigns that you plan on using the email lists for.
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