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MUTE button. It will probably take you a while, at least it took me several hours, to get use to using this option, but at some point you will do it without thinking about it and your ears (and speakers) will thank you. In this large (at least in my ears) space, the sounds of various percussion instruments were beautifully suspended in the air and, interestingly, with this phonostage placement of sounds was equally precisely pinpointed in all three dimensions including the height, which is rarely the case. From Marek Biliński and the new edition of Dziecko słońca (delivered to me during the pandemic by the brave guys from Nautilus Warsaw - thanks guys again!), Rudź and Pauszek from Panta Rhei (the first part, but soon we should expect another one, or even two!), and last but not least one of the two Dead Can Dance albums, released by MoFi, Spiritchaser. You don’t have to necessarily buy it together with the device, but some time later it will possibly be one of the best in terms of price/performance ratio upgrades for your system that you definitely won’t regret. Before moving to some vocal recordings, I reached for three records with electronic music.

A whole, in which these small pieces of information are shown in a more legible way than by many competitors from a similar price shelf, and yet ViDA doesn’t force them on listener but rather uses them to present music in as realistic way as possible. The tested device also showed me clearly (but to be certain this album was followed with Isao Suzuki’s Aquamarine and Ray Brown’s Soular energy) that this double bass was not so powerful, it didn’t quite dig as deep as it did in the hands of Ray Brown, but I guess it just wasn’t supposed to sound like that on the Spirit of Nadir. MD: Your amplifiers are of a quite specific design - solid state input and tube output - would you mind telling me why did you choose this particular solution? Karaki. In practice, first thing you will probably notice is how quite ViDA is. Isao Suzuki and Ray Brown's albums have shown that it is up to the artist, recording and production quality dependent how the double bass sounds like with ViDA. sprawdzian was assessed in my system, where it competed with ESE Lab Nibiru V5 and GrandiNote Celio mk IV phonostages.

This is one of the few cases when I do not intend to build a suspense, because everyone who will have an opportunity to listen to ViDA will quickly realize the same thing - the bar is set VERY HIGH. For the first test in "High Fidelity" we received the first ever and currently the middle model of the Aurorasound phono preamplifier, which was personally (with all appropriate safety measures) brought to me by equally very excited Krzysztof Owczarek. But the phonostage itself, apart from the plastic bag, is wrapped in high-quality paper so typical for Japanese products, which makes you feel like unwrapping some very special, precious gift. SK: Yes, I believe transistor front end makes good performance and tube power stage makes good sound. I believe that this upgrade is definitely worth considering for any future buyer of this preamplifier. Since I had to focus on ViDA I only had a short listening session with Prima, but it was enough to make me believe that it could be a real "killer" in the price range up to, say, 10.000 PLN. While he is at work, his wife gets together with all the women in the family, and they cook together for their husbands.

The Decline and Fall of Their Empire, Nakładem PAU/The Enigma Press, Kraków 1999, ss. rozprawka confirmed my previous observations regarding the exceptional spaciousness of sound reproduced by ViDA and the ease of building, or rather recreating, an individual atmosphere or ambiance of each of these musical stories. All these elements combined together created an incredibly atmospheric, immersive spectacle created with just bass and drums, and yet extremely rich, so much so that with each listening (and I did listen to this album several times over the course of this review) I was able to discover something new. I have no idea whether the sound engineers really wanted to create such an effect, but it’s exactly how it did sound with the Aurorasound phonostage. Aurorasound ViDA is one of those phono preamplifiers that do everything right, and most things even exceptionally well. All these cymbals and other percussion instruments, although their general character was a touch dull (that’s how they were recorded and ViDA only conveyed that faithfully), sounded crisp and vivid with reverb travelling long distances in the open, airy space.

He came to my (almost) straight from the customs office after goods clearance, bringing along not only ViDA but also the entry level, circa 3-times cheaper model called ViDA Prima. Patricia Barber’s Verve Patricia Barber, but also to Dire Straits Love over gold (by Mobile Fidelity releases), or Al di Meola from Elegant gipsy was a somewhat similar experience wtedy one with some excellent tube based phonostages. To put it another way - this is not a device pushed to the limits to get every last drop of information from the record to wow listener with them, but rather a device whose sole purpose is to create the most engaging listener’s experience, a true musical spectacle that is able to igniting unique sensations and emotions in sensitive music lovers. Obviously the outer layer is a simple but solid cardboard box, filled inside with proper foam cutouts. With their help, it creates a beautiful, vivid, extremely smooth musical image.

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