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Krug, P., Kwiatkowska, M., Mojzych, I., Głowala, P., Dorant, S., Kępińska, D., Chotkowski, M., Janiszewska, K., Stolarski, J., Wiktorska, K., Kaczyńska, K., Mazur, M. 2019. kartkówka loaded with gold nanoparticles: Perspectives for biomedical imaging. Kijewska K., Kowalska, J., Jemielity, J., Kaczyńska, K., Janiszewska, K., Stolarski, J., Blanchard, G.J., Kępińska, D., Głowala, P., Lubelska, K., Wiktorska, K., Pisarek, M. & Mazur, M. 2015. Gold-decorated polymer vessel structures as carriers of mRNA cap analogues. Benzoni, F., Arrigoni, R., Stefani, F. and Stolarski, J. 2012. Systematics of the coral genus Craterastrea (Cnidaria, Anthozoa, Scleractinia) and description of a new family through combined morphologic and molecular analyses. Malik,A., Einbinder,S., Martinez,S., Haviv,S., Peled,Y., Almuly,R., Zaslansky,P., Polishchuk, I., Pokroy, B., Stolarski, J., Mass, T. 2020 (online first) Molecular and skeletal fingerprints of scleractinian coral biomineralization: From the sea surface to mesophotic depths. Arrigoni, R., Kitano, Y.F., Stolarski, J., Hoeksema, B.W., Fukami, H., Stefani, F., Galli, P., Montano, S., Castoldi, E. & Benzoni, F. 2014. A phylogeny reconstruction of the Dendrophylliidae (Cnidaria, Scleractinia) based on molecular and micromorphogical criteria, and its ecological implications.

Central Europe Appl Environ Microbiol 2004; 70: 6414-9. 6. Kurtenbach K et al.: Fundamental processes in the evolutionary ecology of Lyme borreliosis. At this preparative meeting it was decided that, apart from introductory theoretical lectures on fundamental aspects of aerobiology, most of the time should be spent to demonstration and training in the internationally accepted sampling and counting techniques, and to the reliable recognition of the commonest pollen taxa in Europe. Poor quality aerobiological monitoring work would affect the image and prestige of aerobiological science in Europe. Gorzelak P., Stolarski J., Dery A., Dubois Ph., Escrig S. and Meibom A. 2014. Ultrascale and microscale growth dynamics of the cidaroid spine of Phyllacanthus imperialis revealed by 26Mg labeling and NanoSIMS isotopic imaging. https://szkolaiteksty.pl/artykul/5929/klasa-6-sprawdziany-stawonogi were added to the original team: Jean Emberlin and Eugenio Dominguez, and guest-teacher was Pieter Hiemstra. The date was 12-19 July 1997. Guest-teacher was John Mullins, and assistants were Paloma Carińanos, Beverly Adams-Groom, and Julie Tidmarsh. Frankowiak K., Mazur M., Gothmann A. & Stolarski J. 2013. Diagenetic alteration of the Triassic coral from aragonite-Konservat-Lagersätte in Alakir Çay, Turkey: Implications for geochemical measurements.

Mackiewicz P., Kowalczuk M., Mackiewicz D., Nowicka A., Dudkiewicz M., Łaszkiewicz A., Dudek M.R., Cebrat S., 2002, “Replication associated mutational pressure generating long-range correlation in DNA”. Kijewska, K., Blanchard, G.J., Szlachetko, J., Stolarski, J., Kisiel, A., Michalska, A., Maksymiuk, K. Pisarek, M., Majewski, P, Krysiński, P. & Mazur, M. 2012. Photopolymerized polypyrrole microvessels. Gilis, M., Meibom, A., Domart-Coulon, I., Grauby, O., Stolarski, J. & Baronnet, A. 2014. Biomineralization in newly settled recruits of the scleractinian coral Pocillopora damicornis. Second, a very high number of participants of ECBA’s are nowadays successfully active in the science of aerobiology as appears from many scientific papers presented at aerobiological congresses and symposia, and published in national and international scientific journals like Grana or Aerobiologia. In i special optional session some 10 more fungal spores were presented. Moreover, many participants of ECBA’s have been attending one or two „Advanced Courses in Aerobiology” which are dealing with more specialized aspects of scientific aerobiology. Two years later the 4th ECBA was organized and hosted by Carmen Galan (Eugenio Dominguez having been elected to be Rector of the University), with Frits Spieksma as co-organizer. 2015. Fossil corals as an archive of secular variations in seawater chemistry since the mesozoic.

2019. A cenozoic record of seawater uranium in fossil corals. Gothmann, A.M., Bender, M.L, Blättler, C.L., Swart,P.K., Giri, S.J., Adkins, J.F., Stolarski, J. & Higgins, J. 2016. Calcium isotopes in scleractinian fossil corals since the Mesozoic: implications for vital effects and biomineralization through time. The fungal spore selection was also extended, now also including spore types like Leptosphaeria, Pithomyces, and Chaetomium. Sliwka P., Dudkiewicz M. “The Markov Chains (Markov Set-Chains) as a Tool for Bacterial Genomes Evolution Analysis” BIOMAT 2008-International Symposium on Mathematical and Computational Biology, 2009, pp. Mackiewicz P., Mackiewicz D., Kowalczuk M., Dudkiewicz M., Dudek M.R., Cebrat S., 2003, “High divergence rate of sequences located on different DNA strands in closely related bacterial genomes”. Jakubska A., Dudkiewicz M., Jankowski P. and Sikora R.. kartkówka , Mackiewicz P., , Kowalczuk M., Mackiewicz D., Nowicka A., Polak N., Smolarczyk K., Dudek M. R., Cebrat S., “Simulation of gene evolution under directional mutational pressure”, Physica A 336, 2004, pp.

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