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There's a distinction between huge quantity lashes as well as quantity lashes and as a lash specialist, you have to understand the difference.

What is Huge Quantity Lashes
Huge volume lashes are produced with even more incorrect lashes and a larger size. offer your clients a darker, fuller and a closely packed look due to the fact that it utilizes light-weight followers with a lot of extensions. Our huge quantity lash extensions are of the finest, made from the finest synthetic as well as with very light weight and all of hair are pure black, without any blue touch. Usage for producing up to 20D fans.

Distinction in between Huge Quantity Lashes and Russian volume

Quantity lash extensions are made using 3-8D lash extensions on one natural lash. Our falsies are extremely fine and light to avoid adding too much weight to your customers' lashes. Our ideal referral is to use ladies that are 0.05 mm -0.07 mm for volume lashes. For clients that want that additional zing- fluffiness, as well as fullness on their lash line volume lashes would certainly be excellent for them.

Huge volume lash extensions; for this you can use as long as 20 lashes in a solitary follower!! Even though this seems like a great deal, it's usually light. When you use our weightless, fine mega volume lashes your clients will certainly not feel a thing. It doesn't apply any type of pressure on your client's all-natural lash as well as it is extremely secure to make use of because of its super-fine high quality.

For customers that wish to shake an incredibly full, edgy appearance and also cross the border of a natural appearance, super volume lash extensions are ideal. Our lashes will give your clients the ideal fluffiness and light-weight experience that's required for rocking high-quality lashes.
You can shop our extensive variety of superfine lash extensions!
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