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There are many country decor options available today that will give your home a "country home" look. Here are some descriptions of some of the most in-demand country decor.

If you want to make a dining room with more formal space, you can consider antique brass switch and brushed nickel switch covers. Switch plates can also be used with food-theme items such as wine, cutlery, and bistro for a more casual dining room. You can match the cover of your kitchen appliances to the switch covers. Black stoves can be covered with a switch cover.

Thai decor themes include flowers, elephants, tigers, and other unusual scenes. While earthy colors like brown, orange, green, and red are very common, floral items often offer a wide range of colors. The artificial flowers produced in Thailand look so real that you will have to give them a second glance!

4) Cover your sofa or chairs with machine-washable slip covers. home decor ideas You won't want to deal with steam cleaning your upholstery or spraying it with toxins.If you have 2 sets of slip covers, you always have a clean set when the other is in the wash.

If you really want some more southwestern rustic flair in your bathroom, why not add a simple woven place mat. Rachel, my friend, just completed a bathroom renovation in a southwest theme. Her vanity counter top is a mosaic design of stone colored stones that really brings out a Southwest style atmosphere. click here placed one of her wool woven tablemats between the two sinks to add an interesting accent. Rachel found a pair of cute boots in child's sizes that she added to the placemat as an additional southwestern accent. You can also place one or more of your placemats at the back of the toilet. This will add color and style.

Many people also consider decorating their balconies with flowers or creepers. This adds warmth and color to the house. People like to have a little bit of nature around them, especially when they are taking a break or relaxing. You can also keep things, such as flower pots and vases, in the hall or bed room. This can also improve the look of the rooms.

You can create a unique home decor by letting go of the rules and using your imagination. So many new ideas are being used because no one is using the same old way of decorating their home. I love new ideas that incorporate simple accents to improve my southwestern style home.
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