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Niche blogging is unquestionably one of the most lucrative ways to earn on the Web. With this process, writers do not have to worry about their target market because their writing will find it for them, for writing in a targeted manner attracts readers. On the other hand, there are still a lot of bloggers who opt to go the other way and practice general blogging.



General Blogging


General Blogging, the exact opposite of niche blogging, is where a writer blogs about everything from the mundanity of showbiz couples to the extravagance of Latin and French novelists-to avoid being soaked in a singular topic. General Bloggers find their style liberating and way different from niche business bloggers. evryanswer is free to explore things and they get diverse and wider audiences through their writing.


evryanswer This way of blogging requires skill. One cannot be a General Blogger if he has minute knowledge and understanding of the common, popular, and universal things around him. He should be a wide reader, a sensitive writer, a judgmental yet balanced critic, and a Jack-Of-All-Trades, to be able to have a natural grasp of everything. Normally, General Bloggers on the Web are witty writers who have opinions about everything, typically using the art of analyzing and criticizing to deliver an idea and capture attention.


On Business Blogging and Internet Marketing


General Blogging is a weak writing and marketing style if a writer or blog owner plans to make money out of it. Blogs without definite niches are harder to market. This is because a diverse audience is not easy to gain in business blogging. Internet marketing statistics on the Web show that a large number of a successful blog's solid and regular traffic comes from niche-driven searchers or searchers who use search engines to look for particular niche-focused sites that will provide their needs. On the SEO side of it, conducting a keyword research for a blog without a definite niche would be difficult, for keywords are a set of words and phrases that relate to a main term (or niche) to market a website.


Although for some general bloggers, proper execution of topics and SEO processes is their key to attract visitors and income to their blogs. They also say that a proper balance of everything (their knowledge, their writing style, their SEO) is enough to make them successful as business bloggers.


So like many things in life there are options and trade offs. The choice that is best for you will depend on your goals.

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