Where to Buy Weed Online Legally, Best Websites to Order Recreational Marijuana (Delta 8 THC)

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As the legal requirements to buy weed online continue to relax, it’s now easier than ever to safely and legally buy weed on the internet.


What’s more, you have plenty of options to choose from. While Delta-9 remains more widely used, another variety known as Delta 8 has surged in popularity over the last year.

Delta-8 is not only legal; it’s federally legal as long as it’s extracted naturally from hemp. And best of all, it’s a psychoactive compound that offers a similar high and euphoric experience as marijuana.

But there’s a catch…

You get to avoid most of the common side effects that come with marijuana. Did we say catch? We meant bonus.

So let’s get to it.

Not only will we tackle some common concerns around buying Delta 8 THC online, but we’ve also done our research and discovered the best websites right now to buy weed products online.

Buying Weed Online (Delta 8 THC) in 2022 – Quick Look
1. Exhale – All-Round Best Delta 8 Brand
Free shipping
30-day guarantee
2. Diamond CBD – Impressive Catalogue of Weed Products
Wide range of products
Frequent sales and discounts
Free 2-day shipping*
3. BudPop – Best New Brand to Buy Vegan-Friendly Weed Online
4. Delta Extrax – Highly Trusted Delta 8 Brand
Fast and secure checkout
Frequent discounts
5. 3CHI – Impressive Delta 8 Custom Blends
USA-sourced hemp
Free shipping
Buying Weed Online VS. Dispensaries: Can You Order Weed Online?
If you’re used to buying weed from local dispensaries rather than online, it’s understandable that you might be dubious about testing out a brand you haven’t heard of before.

buy live resin , don’t fret.

The vendors we’ve discovered are all well-established in the industry and many have been advocating for legalizing weed for years.

But, if you’re still not sold, here are the main benefits of buying weed online:

Instead of moving around from place to place trying to find a good store to purchase your favorite weed products from, purchasing weed from an online store is far more convenient.

You can browse through hundreds of products from your phone or laptop, and you have access to reviews left by other customers.

Affordable prices
Brick and mortar weed retail shops usually have rent, maintenance, transport, security, and other costs to cover. This makes them price their weed products at a much higher price to cover those costs.

But thankfully, this then means that online weed stores are the more budget-friendly option since they have fewer operational costs.

Wider product selection
Shopping online for anything, not just weed products like Delta 8, means you have access to thousands of products such as gummies, edibles, flower, carts, and more. Better yet, some vendors stock multiple brands meaning you can try out a few different options all from the same site.

And you have the luxury of comparing products between different online vendors within minutes.

Easy access to production/manufacturer details
Most online weed stores are more transparent about their ingredients, manufacturing process, and testing. Some websites even publish public lab reports on all products for customers to access and review themselves.

This makes it far easier to find out as much information as you need about any products you’re interested in.

Fresher products
Since local retailers don’t face the same amount of demand as an online store, it’s not uncommon for products to be left sitting on shelves for far too long in physical stores.

If you order online, you won’t face this issue since products will be packed and shipped to your door as and when you order them.

1. Meds Caffe– All-Round Best Site to Buy Weed Online

Choose Exhale For…
Free shipping
Third-party independent quality testing
No pesticides, made in the USA
100% natural & non-GMO
30-day money-back guarantee
20% OFF first purchase
Exhale Wellness is arguably one of the best Delta-8 brands to buy Delta-8 carts, pre-rolls, and edibles, especially if you’re in the market to buy weed online legally.

One incredible thing about them is how organized their website is. Shoppers will enjoy an intuitive and smooth interface on their easy-to-navigate platform.

What’s more, a diverse product selection gives you the ability to buy the Delta 8 THC product that is right for you. Plus, it’s easy to see what you are ordering, the CBD content, and the flavors you should expect.

All their products have third-party lab tests to support them. You shouldn’t find any foreign substances, additives, or chemicals leftover from processing.

Better yet? With Exhale’s strict quality assurance program, you can rest assured that you are ingesting only the safest and most potent full-spectrum Delta 8 THC on the market.

Exhale also offers a line of Delta 8 THC capsules that are not only easy to swallow but guaranteed to deliver the benefits of Delta 8 in a simple form that looks just like any other nutritional supplement.

And when it comes to flavors, you have a wide variety of options to choose from. Best of all, top and famous strains known worldwide are available, so if you’re looking for your favorite OG Kush concentrate or a smokable Sour Diesel flower, look no further.

2. Diamond CBD – Incredible Selection of Weed Products

Choose Diamond CBD For…
Wide range of products
Regular sales and discounts
Up to 75% OFF deals
Targeted/focused shopping
Great customer service
Free 2-day shipping above $100
Diamond CBD is among the market leaders in CBD hemp products, with a strong track record that clients can rely on. With many positive reviews, people sure believe Diamond CBD is a company that genuinely cares about its customers’ health and safety.

We also like how Diamond CBD is striving to make its brand inclusive. There’s a learning section where you can get to know the ins and outs of Delta 8 THC, CBD, and the wider Cannabis industry if you’re a newbie.

We also found their shop by mood section helpful. You can narrow down products based on the desired effect you’re looking for: Buzz, Calm, Recover, Wellness, Balance, Calm, and Sleep.

Convenient, right? Since Diamond CBD has such a large selection of products, the shop-by-mood and other filter tools help ensure your shopping experience is as smooth as possible.

Their Delta-8 gummies include ten milligrams of CBD isolate and ten milligrams of Delta-8 THC. When you combine these two, they produce a pleasantly relaxing but euphoric sensation, with customers praising the various tastes available.

But what Diamond CBD is best known in the industry for is the regular sales and discounts held year-round. There’s a good chance you’ll find your favorite Delta 8 THC cannabis products at more competitive prices here than at other stores.

3. BudPop – Buy Vegan-Friendly Recreational Marijuana Online

Choose BudPop For…
No pesticides
Fast processing of orders
Made in the USA
BudPop is the place to go for high-quality Delta 8 THC products. Not only is their selection backed by independent third-party lab testing to assure quality, but it’s also entirely composed of full-spectrum D8 carts, gummies, and flowers.

And we love their company motto, “Pop plants, not pills,” which you can tell they genuinely believe since the majority of their products are vegan and organically grown. This means you can boost your wellness without the worry of ditching your diet requirements.

What’s more, online shopping is pretty easy via BudPop’s website—even if you’re new to the Delta 8 world.

Just by answering a short quiz on your age, weight, sex, and the end result you’re interested in, BudPop can recommend the best Delta 8 THC product to get you to the endgame.

And lucky you, if you live in the US, you won’t have to wait long with their guaranteed fast shipping.

Best of all, BudPop is also so confident in its ability to make you happy and healthy that there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee to fall back on if, for whatever reason, you’re not satisfied.

4. Delta Extrax – Highly Trusted Brand to Buy Legal Weed Online (D8)

Choose Delta Extrax For…
Affordable products
15% discount
Fast processing of products
Regular discounts and promos
Secure orders
Third-party lab reports
Delta Extrax is a trusted name in the Delta 8 world. They offer a wide variety of Delta 8 products, including flowers, cartridges, gummies, and even D8 tinctures.

What’s more, there’s a sweet range of assorted fruity flavors to choose from, including strawberry cough, watermelon candy, Raspberry Kush, and much more.

But what we like is how Delta Extrax seems to care that their customers only receive safe, high-quality products. All their products are natural, plant-based, and tested by third-party labs for purity, with the lab results are accessible on their site for transparency.

And don’t worry, it doesn’t matter if you’re green on Delta 8. Their learning center and blogs are super helpful if you want to learn more about the wider cannabis kingdom.

One thing we think you’ll love is their focused Delta 8 bundles—convenient if you want to try out a few products at an affordable price.

But best of all, as a new client, you get a 15% discount on your first order right now!

5. 3CHI – Unique Custom Blends

Choose 3CHI For…
Hemp sourced in the USA
Blended strains
Free shipping for all orders
3CHI is the place to go if you’re looking to buy custom blends. 3CHI’s line of cartridges concentrates, edibles, oils, and tinctures are offered exclusively as custom blended products. So instead of zeroing in on your favorite flavor, you can customize the desired effect.

These tailored effects deliver refined results that are superior to a single strain of cannabis. At least that’s what 3CHI claims. Some may disagree… but you won’t know till you try!

But back to the brand. They pride themselves on the fact that they refuse to use agents such as PEG, PG, or VG. Moreover, their cartridges are glass-made with ceramic coils, making them far safer than low-grade carts.

Best of all, their products are all lab-tested at various stages of production to ensure safety. And as a bonus, they are American-made and sourced from hemp originating in California, Oregon, and Washington.

6. CBD Genesis – Best Brand for Buying CBD-Infused Weed Online

Choose CBD Genesis For…
Independent testing
Blended strains
Great deals and offers
Organic and non-GMO Delta 8 THC
CBD Genesis offers a complete line of CBD and Delta 8 THC products. They even sell pre-rolled blunts that are perfect for sharing with friends.

Their website interface is one of the most friendly out there, making browsing through their site and shopping for their products a smooth experience.

Also, their product lineup is organic, non-GMO, and pesticide-free and ranges from Delta 8 THC edibles, concentrates, vaping starter kits, CBD-rich flowers, tincture oil, cartridges, creams to pet CBD products.

They do offer some products sourced from outside their line but still independently test everything in their store in accredited laboratories for safety and quality assurance.

Talking about their Delta 8 THC products, they are infused with some CBD, so you are guaranteed to get something out of both the recreational and medicinal benefits of the cannabis world.

And we noted that they have quite an educational blog where you can find information on CBD, Delta 8, and even hacks on how to use your vape pens, oils, and more to avoid possible issues like clogging.

What’s more? All orders over $50 are eligible for free shipping! And there’s a responsive customer care team to answer any queries you might have.

7. ATL Rx – Best Platform for Buying “Medical” Marijuana Online

Choose ATL Rx For…
Affordable products
Fast processing
Third-party testing
Great CBD products
ATL Rx strives to help you and your loved ones live a happier and healthier life.

And they’ve quite nailed that with their high quality and affordable CBD Flowers, Gummies, Tinctures, Pre-rolls, Concentrates, and more.

It’s even more assuring that their products are tested by third-party labs to ensure you get safe and the highest quality products.

It’s cool that they have fast processing times. And you can opt to track your order if you’d like to.

We also really like that ATL Rx has an active social media presence, so you can go on their social and share experiences with other Altrx clients.

To cap it off, their website has really informative blogs to help you choose great products and even learn about Delta 8 THC.

8. Blue Moon Hemp – Great Guides to Help with Buying Cannabis Online

Choose Blue Moon Hemp For…
Made in the USA
Available lab reporting
Blended strains
Risk-free trial
Blue Moon Hemp bills itself in their USA-made, premium Hemp-derived CBD products like Delta 8 THC Carts, Dabs, Gummies, Flowers, and Gel Caps. All-natural.

Better yet, all their products are tested by labs, with public results on the site. This basically means you’re assured of quality and with a side dish of transparency.

You’ll find shopping pretty straightforward, and real soon, they promise a product finder to help get you the best-suited products to calm those aches or get that nice high.

Also, you get free US shipping for orders above $99, with very responsive customer service to help clear your queries.

9. MoonWlkr – Best Delta-8 Brand with Top-Notch Flavors

Choose Moonwlker For…
Free shipping above $50
Great branding and packaging
Ingredients are written on pack
Powerful range of products
If you want to get a good balance of potent Delta 8 THC products and a wide variety of flavors, then Moonwlkr has you at heart.

You can get Edibles, Disposable carts, Vapes, and also Bundles – for your favorite Delta 8 THC products at one nice discounted package. And they all come with really cool space-themed graphics and names.

Still, their edibles are where Moonwlkr seems to have built their forte on. There are mouth-watering flavors, including; purple punch and pineapple mango kush, among others, to keep things interesting while still boosting your wellness.

Moonwlkr pride itself in pushing the limits of hemp. And with that promise, you get both medicinal and recreational Delta 8 THC products.

Free shipping? For orders just above $50, you will pay absolutely nothing in shipping fees.

10. Boston Hempire – Straightforward Shopping Experience

Choose Boston Hempire For…
Wide selection of CBD flowers
Tailored subscriptions
High-quality CBD products
Secure shipping
Boston Hempire is an online vendor to keep an eye on. Even though they’re not quite an established name in the industry yet, they seem poised to take the next step soon.

Still, you’ll get your high-quality, natural Flowers, Vape Cartridges, Pre-rolls, Gummies, Dabs, and Tinctures for those nice calm evenings or to get those creative juices running.

And like top brands, they care about safety and giving you worth. So all their products go through third-party lab testing for purity and quality. And you can access the lab reports anytime for some transparency.

That said, when it comes to flowers, some of their offerings are shake-only.

While not automatically a negative, it seems inferior to the big buds most traditional users enjoy seeing. However, for those who roll their own, shake-only options might be desirable.

11. Secret Nature – Leading CBD Brand to Buy Smokable Marijuana Online

Choose Secret Nature For…
100% organic products
Fast US shipping
Free shipping on orders over $99
20% off next order on subscription
Secret Nature CBD is a leading CBD brand that blends the highest-quality cannabis plant strains having high-quality terpenes and cannabinoids. They utilize top-of-the-line natural flavorings, essential oils, and other helpful phytochemical components in their CBD tinctures.

They also have an extensive collection of smokable hemp flowers, full-spectrum CBD vape pens, hemp-derived pre-rolls, including a premium (albeit limited) line of Delta 8 THC cartridges, flowers, and capsules.

All products come in various types like Sativa, Indica, and hybrids. This diverse range of flavors covers everything from sweet and lemony to earthy and somewhat bitter.

How Can I Buy Weed Online – Buying Guide
Just because Delta 8 THC is legal in the feds’ eyes does not mean the market isn’t as well regulated as one might hope. There is no government guarantee of safety or quality.

Delta-8 testing is even more critical if you are trying to avoid the Delta-9 compounds that are the signature of marijuana.

Without careful strain selection and lab scrutiny, it’s possible that a Delta 8 THC labeled product could contain more than the 0.3% Delta-9 THC content allowed under the federal code.

Consumers also need to be wary of contaminants, pesticides, and other undesirable additives that could make their way into a Delta 8 THC product.

Satisfaction Guarantee
Whenever we decide that shopping online is the way to go, a satisfaction guarantee is a big positive. Since we can’t test out online content in person, it goes a long way toward helping us feel comfortable purchasing an item.

When it comes to Delta 8 shoppers, we have the same expectations. Look for well-established online vendors with a rock-solid satisfaction guarantee for the best results.

Check out pricing
Generally, high-grade products have higher prices, while low-quality or even fake products have ridiculously low products. buy hash online uk through a number of online weed vendors and try to establish the average price range of specific products.

Then look out for shady websites that offer ridiculously low prices as their products might be of poor quality, considering manufacturing delta 8 weed takes quite some resources. Also, watch out for stores that price their products at higher than usual prices, as it might be a ploy to trick you into thinking the products are of high quality.

Customer care
Unlike shady dealers, the best online weed vendors invest in good customer care communication channels and customer teams to connect with their clients. Test out the responsiveness of the customer care team by calling them or sending an email or chat to gauge their effectiveness and know which online vendors to go for.

Shipping policy
It’s all well and good searching for “Delta 8 near me” but you should still carefully check out the shipping policies of online stores to ensure they offer safe, relatively fast, and private shipping measures.

And further, consider online vendors that offer some form of a delivery guarantee for their shipments in case of possible shipping issues.

Where Can I Buy Cannabis Online (Delta 8 THC) – Your Questions Answered
Buying weed these days is easy as long as it is legal in your state. Dispensaries and the internet are the two most common places to buy weed. Depending on your preferences, you can select one of either of the two options.

While it is not a bad idea to visit the dispensary to get your weed, it may be excruciatingly slow for those who live fast-paced lives and don’t have so much time at their disposal. Furthermore, if you reside a long distance away from the dispensary, it gets much more inconvenient.

In comparison, buying online is easier since you can learn about the product you want to buy from home before placing the order. Plus, whether you need recreational or medical marijuana, choosing to buy online is less expensive.

Is Delta 8 THC Legal?
Since the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, the federal government has made a distinction between hemp and marijuana. The former has been removed from the Controlled Substances Act. And as a result, making Delta 8 weed legal.

While marijuana advocates are pushing hard for legalization, it is still illegal to possess, sell or order regular weed online according to marijuana laws federally even though some states have deemed medicinal and recreational marijuana use legal.

The legal status probably sounds pretty complicated, but the bottom line is that the potent cannabinoid Delta 8 THC is federally legal. That means consumers have access to almost all of the benefits of marijuana and hemp but without the high or the potential for legal issues.

Though, there are a few states where the legal status of Delta 8 is still undecided.

But, Is Delta-8 THC Legal in all States in the US?
Unfortunately, no! Several states have placed a restriction or ban on its use. Some of these states include Alaska, Utah, Colorado, Rhode Island, Arizona, Idaho, etc.

Does Delta-9 differ from Delta-8 THC?
Both THCs are naturally occurring in cannabis plants and are chemically similar. The only notable difference in their structure is the double bond position (Delta-8 and Delta-9 have a double bond on the eighth and ninth carbon, respectively).

Experts claimed that all THC types interact with the cannabinoid receptors in the users’ endocannabinoid system, causing a high. But Delta-8 THC interacts with the receptors differently due to the position of its double bond, reducing its potency.

Learn more: Where to find the Best Delta 8 Edibles

Final Verdict – Where Can I Buy Marijuana Online?
Ten years ago, few people thought we would see an online marketplace for CBD or hemp-derived Delta 8 THC products. Now, it is a reality, and the marketplace is well-established and vibrant.

If you intend to order marijuana online, Delta-8 is the best option to choose. For starters, it is not a controlled substance federally and is legal in many more states than regular marijuana.

If you want the best quality weed from one of the top online weed stores around, then Exhale Wellness is your best plug. Their weed products have the best taste, texture, and flavors available.

Also, their federally legal marijuana (AKA Delta 8) is 100% natural and vegan-friendly. What’s more? They offer their customers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Other online retailers worth checking out include Diamond CBD, BudPop, and Delta Extrax. These two brands also offer top-of-the-line products to their customers, make it easy to order online and have excellent customer service.
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