Physics Review

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In general, there is a perception that science is to experiment with images, electric circuits, magnets, etc. that collide with devices such as wooden boards and marbles and fall. Because physics deals with abstract concepts in your head, rather than intuitive concepts that allow you to conceptualize energy, time, space, and fields visually, many people don't even know what they're dealing with. not.

The general underpinnings of research are classical mechanics, thermodynamics and electromagnetism, but perhaps due to the influence of the mass media (such as science fiction movies), it is now more often associated with detailed areas such as relativity, quantum mechanics, etc. . Cosmology, not the basic fields mentioned above. But while chemists and biologists are lesser known, physicists have their own perceptions. Examples include Isaac Newton, Albert his Einstein, Marie Curie, and Stephen Hawking.

The science curriculum is divided into his five disciplines: <Force and Motion>, <Work and Energy>, <Electricity and Magnetism>, <Waves> and <Modern Physics> [1]. Since formulas are handled first, there is an image of mathematics. so-called vv==\frac st
 or F=maF=ma, E=mc^2E=mc
  Not many ordinary people know the official level. When learning not only the elements of mathematics but also the academic field itself, specific applied activities are necessary, compared to other natural science fields (chemistry, biology, earth science, astronomy), general students I feel it is difficult. Since the 2010s, the aspirations of science high school students have been low, but as of 2021, only about 15 out of 100 science high school students have selected a subject [2]. People who have completely given up on physics are called spores, and because physics is a compulsory subject or major in most science and engineering colleges, it is also called "a subject that regrets not getting good grades in high school." Even among science students entering college. [3]

The popular perception of physics is very different from that of physics being a subject studied by very smart students and practiced by eccentric and eccentric people. In fact, neither are so wrong.

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