Google+ Local - How Will It Affect Your Business?

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In the pre-web days, if you were asked a complicated question, you only had a few choices. If you were lucky, you could draw up a few bullet points on a piece of paper and try to whittle it down to a question you could answer. And yes, that is still possible, even if most of us use PowerPoint nowadays to make sure we're conveying our message effectively. But the fact is, asking questions used to be an easy thing to do, but now, the Internet and social media have made it extremely hard to do.

In the pre-web days, when you were asked a difficult question, you usually had a few choices. If you were lucky, you could draw up a bunch of answers yourself, and while it was always possible to come up with concise answers without actually consulting a text book or just jotting down your thoughts on the spot, thanks to advanced technology and the web in particular. But even then, you might have been limited by what you knew.

Nowadays, it's just too easy to look at some question and immediately assume that there's a long and complicated answer buried somewhere in there, and it's certainly not a question that's easy to answer. However, we don't have to look far. Today, we have lots of very smart, talented people who are solving complex problems for regular people. Google'schief and co-founder, ranker and founder of Google AdWords, Eric Schmidt has recently admitted that his company will be releasing a new type of application that will allow people to ask questions in real time. Of course, he didn't release any specifics, but he did say that it would be coming to Google soon, and that it would be "cool".

He made the statement during a speech at the annual Harvard University Graduate School of Business, where he was giving a talk on the future of technology. While answering questions from the audience, he brought up this idea: 'asking questions'. He said that his company's vision is to make the process of building real connections "as simple as asking a question". He then added that this would be a part of their strategy for competing with Facebook and other social networks and to continue to innovate and be a leader in online communication.

It's clear that Google plans to implement this into their platform sooner rather than later, but what does this mean for businesses? Will they become the go-to place for asking questions and getting real answers, or will they remain a Wild West where anyone can ask just about anything and feel like they get a very candid answer? If Google's social strategies go well, the answer may be different. Some experts have speculated that Google could adopt some aspects of Twitter, such as the" hash tag" feature, but that hasn't happened yet, so there's no telling how far Google might take this venture. What we do know is that Google will continue to add more features and applications to its platform, and it looks like they'll continue to focus on user experience and simplicity above all else.

Ask and answer platforms are fantastic tools for social media engagement and communication, but what exactly can they do for your business? What will your website visitors are able to do when they click on a link to an area on your site where they can ask a question? Or what if they just saw your website but weren't sure where to go next? Can you interact with them there, perhaps give them helpful information or guidance? With so much focus on Google+ Social Impact, it seems that this could be one of the most important areas where your business can benefit.

The more your online presence is seen the more potential customers you'll have. The more people who are exposed to your website, the better chance you have of making an impression and converting that impression into a sale. What Agency will Google+ Social Impact have on your business? As a business owner who has adopted the strategy, will it be too great? Can you handle it? What can you do to make the most of Google+ Local?

It's fair to say that Google's new social initiative will have a significant impact on your business. Google+ Local have many capabilities built in, allowing you to create content, interact with existing and potential customers, and expand your online presence with a minimal amount of effort. However, if you already have an online presence you'll need to ensure that your Google+ Local account are robust enough to meet the requirements of your campaign, and that it continues to function at maximum efficiency. So how can you get the most from Google+ Local?
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