A Trustworthy Advisor for Nonprofit Organizations

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A social change agency is an organization that exists to improve the condition of the people in a society. Social change is a dynamic discipline that considers how social norms can change over time and under pressure from varying social forces. The term 'social change' is used to refer to efforts at self-help organizations, community solutions, political initiatives, or cultural change. Some social change agencies focus on particular aspects of social change, while others work on comprehensive projects that seek to impact many different areas. Some change agencies use a mixed model of services, with community and service activities merging with traditional management training. Others have a primary focus on one or two areas of societal change.

A strategic planning process is a major component of the work of a social change agency. Strategic planning is a flexible framework for working with members of Congress and other decision makers to build coalitions, create legislation, and promote an agenda. Key strategic plan topics include communications, volunteer engagement, fundraising, and building relationships. The strategic plan also identifies which nonprofit partners will serve as advocates and implementers. The strategic plan also determines the relationship between the nonprofit partner and the federal government.

As part of the strategic planning process, a social change agency identifies potential stakeholders and develops a strategy for engaging them. The strategic planning team then works with each stakeholder on issues that are important to that person. An example of a stakeholder would be a senior member of the nonprofit community. The team might develop a series of communications activities that target key stakeholders and their representatives, develop opportunities for dialogue, and build trust among stakeholder communities.

Another important aspect of strategic planning for a social change agency is the development of an effective public relations (CRR) program. CRR is used to build and sustain positive relations between members of the nonprofit world and key decision makers. Examples of public relations strategies might include communicating information about the organization to the news media, developing positive public images, providing information on how donors are making donations, assisting in the processing of nonprofit claims for tax benefits, building and maintaining relationships with key decision makers, publicizing the mission and values of the organization, providing support for various activities and programs, and creating and managing partnerships.

A trusted advisor, also known as a program manager, is a key part of the strategic planning team. The trusted advisor serves as the spokesperson for the social change agencies' program efforts. The trusted advisor ensures that the various activities being planned will be successful. He or she also ensures that budget plans will be effective and determines the best strategies for achieving those goals. The program manager ensures that all details and steps are in place and are working smoothly. Agency is often involved in discussions with stakeholder groups, staff, and other management officials.

As mentioned earlier, many nonprofit organizations today rely heavily on external partners in order to achieve their goals. One of these partners is a social change agency. The goal of a social change agent is to create and build coalitions with other nonprofit organizations in the nonprofit world. They help to provide strategic advice to nonprofit organizations and facilitate the implementation of the strategies recommended by the strategic planning team.

A trusted advisor, in addition to being a program manager for various nonprofit organizations, may also serve as a communications specialist. Many nonprofit leaders find that communication is one of the most difficult aspects of managing a nonprofit organization. Therefore, a social change agency may very well become the communications manager for a nonprofit organization.

Perhaps Agency of a social change agent is to ensure the success of a social change initiative. In fact, this is the primary duty of any successful communications manager. A social change agency should be able to demonstrate in the performance of its current projects, the ability to build coalitions, and the ability to execute strategies. When hiring a professional consultant to implement strategies for your nonprofit, make sure that the person has experience in strategic planning and implementation. Also, make sure that you establish a first job interview. Remember: You only have one chance to make a first impression!
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