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Belts are an important accessory for men of all ages. With an increasingly diverse market, rich models. Choosing the right design and quality men's belt shop takes a lot of time. In today's article, Thuybich will introduce the top 12 most beautiful and prestigious men's belt shops in Ho Chi Minh City.

Real leather (natural leather) is genuine leather products that are usually labeled real leather, genuine leather, genuine leather (cowhide), 100% leather...

The type of leather is often used from animal skin: buffalo skin, cow skin, sheep skin,,, in addition, there are young cow skins, goat skins, horse skins, ostrich skins, crocodile skins for pants accessories. footwear…

Skins removed from animals undergo a process called tanning. This process helps the skin to be most complete before being sent to the apricot factories. The final step of this process is painting and polishing so that the leather looks its best. Because the tanning process requires many stages and techniques, products made from genuine leather are quite expensive.

You can learn more about the tanning process through Thuybich's article What is tanning.

Natural leather (tanned leather) is divided into 2 types:

The thickness of a pelt depends on the age and type of animal taken. From 1 sheet of skin can be separated into many layers. The top layer called Top-grain Leather is about 1.0 -1.5mm thick and is also the best and most beautiful part of the hide.

Top-grain leather is divided into two types: full grain leather and corrected grain leather. Original leather is left to its natural state, without any grain adjustment. On the other hand, the adjustable leather is surface treated to reduce insect marks, scars, and scratches left by animals. Highlight surface effect.
Most customers prefer modified leather because the scratch-resistant treated leather is easy to clean when exposed to water. But both have one thing in common: very high durability, no skin explosion during use, and the more you use the leather, the softer it will be. When using, you just need to avoid the product from friction with sharp objects, high temperature chemicals, the aesthetics of the product will never be lost.

Split skin is the lower layer of skin after the top skin has been removed. It can be processed into suede or split leather. This type of leather is usually harder and less durable than top-grain leather. The durability of split leather is highly dependent on the quality of the artificial coating on the leather surface

Because it is covered with an artificial layer, in hot and humid weather like in Vietnam, the skin can still peel and break after a long time of use. But the advantage of this type of leather is that thanks to the surface coating, the leather has a certain hardness, suitable for making bags, wallets with hard forms, very fashionable boxes. While the whole piece of leather can not do (because the more you use it, the softer it will be).

Split leather is treated with the same ridges as full-grain leather, but looking at the cross-section of the leather we can see the unevenness, the texture is firmer, and there are no pores (if there are any). artificial processing makes it look very unnatural), less elastic.

Leather is a natural product, not a plastic or vinyl material, so there are color differences. Even on the same leather there can be color differences in different places. This difference is not a manufacturing defect but a natural characteristic of 100% genuine leather. This is also one of the reasons why natural leather is loved

No matter how good and durable leather is, it needs maintenance. Avoid placing leather near a fire source of high heat as that will dry the leather causing cracking and fading. Do not contact chemicals, soap, strong friction with sharp iron objects.

If you are worried about whether a men's belt shop in Ho Chi Minh City is reliable, you can buy it at the following brand-name belt stores, Now let's go to the main topic of top shops selling men's leather belts. high end in quality city.

This is the first address that Thuybich would like to introduce to you. The products in ZaShop are mainly imported from many other countries around the world. All of them have to go through a rigorous quality check process before reaching customers. You can be assured of quality when buying men's belts here.
The price of leather belts here ranges from 200,000 VND to 1,300,000 VND.

Address: No. 651 Le Hong Phong, Ward 10, District 10, HCMC

Hotline: 0973 313 313


EVEREST Fashion is a shop specializing in men's and women's fashion accessories, mainly men's belts in the prestigious city that are chosen by many customers. As one of the famous online shops on e-commerce channels such as Lazada, Sendo, Shopee, Tiki. The shop's products are mainly made of leather, although... Customers are highly appreciated for their durability as well as aesthetics.

You can buy goods at the shop directly at the store or order online through e-commerce portals or buy directly on the website.

Address: 10/7 Lam Thi Ho, Tan Chanh Hiep Ward, District 12, Ho Chi Minh City
Phone: 1900 633 657
3.ONE SHOP 247
One Shop 247 is a beautiful online men's belt shop specializing in leather goods. The products in the shop are guaranteed to be genuine. You can refer to the shop's website for products from famous brands such as: Calvin Klein, Gucci, Levi's, etc. If you are a man buying men's belts and belts, this is a good choice.
Models here are extremely diverse, quality is focused. All information is also listed and updated daily on the website by the unit. You can find out more information quickly and accurately, so you can rest assured about fake goods. of men's leather belts here ranges from VND 265,000 to VND 1,600,000.

Address: No. 102 Hong Lac, Ward 11, Tan Binh District, HCMC

Hotline: 0938 100 334

4.Skin Squeeze WORLD ASAKE
Asagi has been operating since 2011 specializing in the production of high-quality leather products. Featured in the shop for leather wallets, backpacks, leather bags, ... and is developing more men's belts in Ho Chi Minh City. The products of the shop are always guaranteed quality and made of 100% genuine leather.

Currently, the store does not have many products about leather belts. But every product sold is guaranteed quality at every stitch, made using the best modern process. Ensure product durability, no explosion, peeling during use. That's why Asagi won the hearts of customers.
Attached to the product are warranty policies and incentives for customers with the most competitive prices in the market. You will be satisfied with the service and product quality.

The price of leather belts here ranges from 350,000 VND to 550,000 VND.

Address 1: 451 Nguyen Trai, Ward 7, District 5, HCMC

Address 2: No. 331 Hoang Sa, Tan Dinh, District 1, HCMC

Hotline: 093 888 2770 | 099 333 3006 | 093 770 3880


Armadino is a brand that fashionistas cannot miss with a lot of trendy designs. The items that can be mentioned are leather briefcases, men's wallets, shoes ... most notably, the leather belt model received positive feedback from customers. Most importantly, the shop's products are made from genuine cowhide and crocodile skin, combined with high-class buckles to create an attractive luxury product.
To build a strong brand like today, behind that is the effort of the entire staff system. As well as innovation in production, improving product quality. From there, to see that Armadino is a reputable, guaranteed Ho Chi Minh City branded men's belt shop, your reliable companion.

The price of leather belts here ranges from VND 850,000 to VND 1,250,000.

Address: 34/ 15 Lu Gia, Ward 15, District 11, HCMC
Phone: 082 9999 579
Yame is a chain of large leather goods stores in Ho Chi Minh City. All products at Yame are designed and manufactured in-house. Leather bags, purses, backpacks and belts are the best-selling items. Leather belts at Yame are of good quality, with diverse designs that are both youthful and elegant. Satisfying the needs of the most demanding customers.

Yame provides the best quality of service, refunds and extra gifts if the fault lies on the manufacturer's side.
The shop sells belts that are always made from the highest quality leather. You can see the meticulousness in every detail of the product. And yet, the price for each product is also extremely competitive. Whether you are a worker, an office or a student, you can choose a satisfactory leather belt model without worrying about the price issue.

The price of leather belts here ranges from 185,000 VND to 225,000 VND.

Address: 770F, Su Van Hanh (nd), Ward 12
Phone: (028) 7307 1441
Fashion 79 is a shop selling high-end men's belts in Ho Chi Minh City with a relatively wide distribution network. The products in the shop are suitable for all ages. Branded men's belts at the shop are distributed from big brands such as armani, levis, puma... which are very popular with quite reasonable prices. You will experience the best quality and service in the store, each product is carefully wrapped, beautifully packaged.
In addition, the unit also provides men's shoes, men's bags, men's wallets, fashion glasses, women's bags... The warranty incentives are very reasonable, helping you save maximum when shop and still buy a cheap mens harness.

The price of leather belts here ranges from 170,000 VND to 3,200,000 VND.

Address: No. 5B Nguyen Bieu, Ward 1, District 5, HCMC
Phone: 0977 888 818
Ngoc Quang is a fashion brand that is no longer strange to Vietnamese consumers, and is a famous men's belt store. With the strength in many products and unique products, the market is increasingly expanding. The products provided can be mentioned as men's wallets, men's shoes. Especially the product lines about beautiful belts.

Ngoc Quang products are designed and manufactured by themselves with the most advanced CNC technology today, this is one of the answers for buyers.
Where is the men's belt in tphcm?

The products at the store are mainly crocodile skin. This skin type brings masculinity to men but also the skin type for meticulousness. With cowhide products, belt models can be mentioned: Ngoc Quang 02, men's leather belts...
Ngoc Quang promises to bring users a great experience with a compact belt.

The price of men's belts ranges from 260,000 VND to 360,000 VND.

Address: 2N Phu Lam D Residence, Ward 10, District 6, HCMC
Phone: 098 300 9285
9. Kieu Hung crocodile
This is a shop specializing in supplying and manufacturing alligator skin products for both men and women. Before being launched on the market, all products go through a rigorous selection process from leather selection, design, and polishing so that the products that reach consumers are the best.
Kieu Hung crocodile is a prestigious address for those who do not know where to buy men's leather belts in Ho Chi Minh City. You will be overwhelmed when coming to Kieu Hung by the variety of eye-catching designs. Extremely durable wire material, long product life. The design team has made a great contribution when creating designs that capture the hearts of customers.

The price of leather belts here ranges from 180,000 VND to 2,640,000 VND.

Address: 992 Truong Sa, Ward 12, District 3, HCMC
Phone: 028 667 60580- 0984 373 664
If you want to buy men's belts in Ho Chi Minh City, come here, 4Men is a store that sells high-end men's belts and accessories, purses. The products of the leather shop are all designed in a youthful and modern direction. More prominent are belt products made from pure leather, ensuring aesthetics, durability, and high quality to serve the best products.

In particular, the price of leather products, including belts at 4 Men is very reasonable and completely suitable for young people. 4 men confidently is the leading prestigious men's belt shop.

The shop is still expanding its business on e-commerce platforms and websites to serve customers across the country.
Great deals for customers. Specifically: delivery to the place and payment on receipt, commitment to ensure product quality, correct product design... Guaranteed to be one of the most reliable shops in the south of Ho Chi Minh City.

The price of cowhide belts here ranges from VND 215,000 to VND 365,000.

Address: 458 Le Van Sy, Ward 14, District 3

Hotline: 0868 044 644


11.4U SHOP
When asked where to buy men's belts in Ho Chi Minh City, surely you will not be able to miss 4U Shop. One of the largest units of leather products from handbags to men's wallets. The most prominent product line is the high-quality leather belt.

The belt models here are extremely diverse, meeting the current needs of fashion trends. Typical items such as 1-layer cowhide belts, men's ostrich ribbed belts... The subtleties in the finest details blend together to create a harmonious but equally eye-catching product.
In addition to being highly appreciated in products, 4U Shop also offers many preferential policies on prices to help stimulate shopping demand. From only 220,000 VND, you can completely own a belt you like.

Address: 367 Pham Van Dong, Ward 11, Binh Thanh District (Phan Van Tri intersection in the opposite direction to Nguyen Xi direction 100m)
Phone: 0905 678 991 – 091 6666 122
Another address that specializes in providing beautiful men's belts in Ho Chi Minh City that Thuybich would like to introduce to you is the real leather world. All products are 100% genuine leather. Feel free to choose from a variety of price points, get tested on fake leather. Stop worrying about fake goods.
Real leather world specializes in leather products such as bags, wallets ... Having undergone the standard production process from choosing leather and finished products, the products are extremely comfortable and satisfying.

In addition to cowhide, the shop also specializes in belts from cowhide, crocodile skin, python skin... get top quality. With competitive prices, competitive designs and precise after-sales services.

Address: 129 Tran Thi Nam (old TCH 10), Tan Chanh Hiep Ward, District 12, City. Ho Chi Minh City
Phone: 02862.888.111
The leather belt products at THUY BICH are diverse in design as well as material. From PU leather to genuine leather, buy men's belts from crocodile skin, waxed leather. If you are wondering where to find a reputable harness factory, this is a good choice for you. In addition to retail, the shop also wholesales wallet belts nationwide. You can order from the shop through the website and e-commerce sites such as lazada, shoppe... If you or your loved ones have a need to buy wholesale goods, do not hesitate to contact the shop immediately.
Thuy Bich has warranty policies for customers, suitable incentives. Return and exchange within 7 days, if the item is not the same as the picture. As a prestigious store in Vietnam

Contact Info

Address: 144/24c 14/9 street, ward 5, Vinh Long city.

Hotline: 0798.266.547



Is a belt shop in Ho Chi Minh City for men's belts. At KOS shop, all products are imported from famous brandsand direct from the major harness factory. Coming to KOS, you will not need to worry too much about the quality and price, but just focus on choosing the model that you like.
All belts at KOS shop are made from genuine cowhide, finely sewn, 18-month warranty. Customers can test the skin at the store. If you need to count your shopping, this is also a place of interest.
So we just went through the top shop selling men's belts in Ho Chi Minh City. If you are anywhere in Ho Chi Minh City, need to buy men's belts, try visiting the stores that the shop has suggested!
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