What type of leather should you choose before ordering from a leather bag factory?

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When you want to order bags from a leather bag factory, the first thing you need to know is the type of leather Because it allows you to choose the type of leather that matches the shape of the bag you want to produce. Today, Suvino has gathered the type of leather that you should select to manufacture leather bags for you to know. To provide the best quality bags to your customers.
Get to know each type of leather before ordering from a leather bag factory.
1. Full-Grain Leather is the top layer of leather with the highest quality leather. It has not been sanded or buffed to remove any Imperfections. Full-grain leather generally has finer packed fibers; this results in the most strength of any leather type, durable surface, and can withstand tough use. It has water-resistance qualities as well since the outer layer isn’t removed.
2. Top Grain Leather is very similar to full-grain, except it has the very top layer sanded or buffed to remove imperfections in the finish. This makes the Top grain leather softer and pliable than full-grain leather. Top grain leather is often used in high-end leather goods, including handbags, wallets, and belts.
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3. Split Grain Leather uses the lower layer of the top grain area which hidden inside. The natural surface of split grain leather is not as dense, flexible, and tight as full-grain and top grain leather. But with the technology, PU/PVC is coated to look like full-grained leather, yet it still does not offer the same feel and durability as Full-grain.
4. Snakeskin is considered to be exotic leather. It is rarer and more expensive than other types of leather. They also have the most interesting grain patterns and colors; this results in the bag looking stylish and having a high value. Suvino uses snakeskin both in Thailand and imports from Europe. We inspect the quality of every leather before being transported to the factory.
5. Crocodile Leather is considered the most beautiful nature leather. The charm of crocodile leather is a unique pattern in itself. It does not have to adjust anything to be beautiful, but it can be dyed to produce different colors. Crocodile leather is tough and durable properties. Due to its properties, the investment in crocodile leather bags is worthwhile, and it is popular around the world.
If you are looking for a leather bag factory. With a wide variety of types of leather to choose from. You can ask for more information at the Suvino leather bag factory. We are a big leather bag factory with high production standards. And there is a leather craftsman who has experience in producing bags for over 30 years, so you can be sure that if you order bags from our factory. Your bag will surely be beautiful and of high quality.
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