Do Your A Social Change Agency Projects Offer Meaningful Work?

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Behaviorally, an A Social Change Agency really is a social enterprise. It exists to create awareness, understanding and change in people through the use of art and creative expression. They do so by engaging citizens in community-based service. By helping people learn to listen to each other, to engage in meaningful dialogue, to see and feel with their eyes and ears, and to respect each other you help create the changes we need in our society. It's a lot easier said that done. Let's look at a few of their past projects.

The first was the production of a 75-minute film called "In Their Own Time." It was produced by A Social Change Agency in Seattle, Washington. This project was part of the nationwide campaign called "Art and Citizen: theaters for change." The movie was shown in theaters across the country and was met with positive response. A SCLC also produced a short documentary about the same subject, called "In Their Own Time."

A second piece of work done by an A Social Change Agency was a video for a national PBS show called "EDtv." The video went viral, catching people's attention. The group was asked to produce ten videos, all dealing with social issues. They all received great reviews, proving that their cause is worth following.

A third project that supports social change was an award winning webinar called "The Power of One." The webinar won a grand prize from the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators. The webinar promoted a debt relief system called "The Credit Union Option." A social change agency brought this winning webinar to the attention of thousands of people who are owed money by credit card companies.

A fourth piece of work done by an A Social Change Agency was a book about "The New Civil War." This book provided insights and analysis to a problem that faces many nonprofits today. The book concluded that too many nonprofit organizations focus on fundraising and marketing, rather than the other key components of their cause. According to the book, this is counterproductive. The book's author, Mark Twain, is quoted as saying, "A little knowledge is a dangerous thing."

A fifth piece of work performed by an A Social Change Agency was a report released to the World Health Organization, calling for a campaign to raise funds for a vaccination campaign in Swaziland. According to the report, Swaziland is a country with a poor health system. It is also a country that is experiencing a food shortage. The campaign would provide millions of dollars for the cause. The report was accepted as fact by the WHO and reported on in major news sources around the world. Many people took it literally and contributed money to assist with the campaign.

Another example of work that an A social change agency must do is to build coalitions to gain support from local communities and government officials. A social change organization can visit places where communities are struggling against poverty and corruption. They can talk to people who are frustrated because of politics and other issues. They can identify problems and offer possible solutions. This part of the work may seem boring and the results slow but when you donate millions of dollars towards solving a local problem, you make a difference.

Building coalitions to achieve change is a good part of every A social change agency's work. When coalitions are made, people feel a connection to the group and their cause. They have been impacted by your work and feel like they are taking part in something meaningful. A change for the better can be realized through coalitions building. This shows that your social work is not just a facilitation for change, it is part of the change.
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