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handheld programmers Programmers AVR programmerPIC programmerHandheld programmerUniversal ProgrammerPortable programmerAtmel CPLD programmerCOP8 programmerST7 programmerWellon programmer Cyclone NXP and ARM programmer Learning Microcontrollers AVR ICEFPGA TrainerPLD TrainerCPLD trainerPIC development kitAVR boardsAVR DevelopmentSTK200 and STK300 AVR board and training kitsMicrocontroller board range Bluetooth USB adaptersBluetooth Wireless adaptersBluetooth Serial adapters Serial Ethernet ConvertersCANUSB adaptersQuick USB ModulesSmart Card ProgrammerMultilink ARM and NXP debuggersWaveshare camera and LCD modulesKanda manufacturer our own brand of microcontroller programmers for PIC, ST7, COP8, SAMD and AVR microcontrollers, including AVR ISP, PIC ICSP, handheld programmers, battery powered mobile units and portable programmers. We also build our own range of training and starter kits for PIC and AVR. Whatever your budget, or whatever you are looking for, make Kanda your firstchoice for everything from AVR Development Kits, AVR ICE, STK200, AVR ISP, smart card programmers,Wireless Modules, AVR Programmer, PIC Programmer, Universal Programmers, Serial Device Servers andCANUSB adapters for connecting CAN bus equipment to PC.If you have any questions or need advice on how to do your particular job or the best tools forthe task, then please contact us for friendly efficient technical support. All our products have 12 monthswarranty and we will help fix any issues you may encounter. We have a range of guides about many of electronics topics, which are listed below.
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