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Our home is an extension of our personalities and that is why we incorporate so much thought and care into decorating and furnishing it. Our home décor not only showcases our likes and dislikes but also affects our mood and the functioning of our daily life. For this reason, we see an inclination of art lovers to buy spiritual or religious works of art depicting scenes from the life of deities and religious figures.

Choosing a Buddha painting for wall is an easy way to not only elevate the ambience of the room but also automatically brings a sense of bliss into your home. Adding a Buddha acrylic painting to any room of your house will help to reduce stress and rejuvenate your senses. Or you can opt for a Buddha canvas painting in a different theme for every room of your house.

Buddha Wall Painting For Living Room
Buddha painting for living room should ideally depict Gautam Buddha sitting in a meditation pose or on a lotus. This encourages calmness, prosperity and serenity into your home. You can choose a painting following living room sets from PrintMySpace to bring the whole look together.
Buddha Painting For Bedroom

Buddha painting for bedroom should depict Him in a reclining posture, which will help to foster a sense of peace and relaxation. This is ideal to relieve stress and ensures you get a good rest. You can also add a rocking chair to create a cosy and peaceful corner for yourself in the room.
Buddha Painting For Study Room

Buddha painting for study room should ideally be focused on his face and should preferably be in sharp colours. This helps to increase concentration and productivity. When you buy Buddha painting for your home, you can either match the shade of the painting with the upholstery of your furniture or your walls, or you can choose something that matches with statement pieces like your living storage, a statement bookshelf, or tv unit.

Buy Beautiful Buddha Painting Online
Paintings add oomph and elegance to our space and help to bring the whole look of the room together. Beautiful Buddha paintings can turn the dullest and boring rooms into centres of peace, bliss and prosperity. Imagine walking into your bedroom after a tiring day, and your eyes rest on Buddha art paintings. You will surely feel your tiredness and stress slipping away and a sense of rejuvenation taking over.

However, buying Buddha paintings online can be a little confusing as there are so many options to choose from. If you want longevity, you should choose a buddha oil painting as they are extremely long-lasting. They are valuable paintings with a great depth of colour and they immediately add richness to their surroundings.

Buddha Painting Black And White
Black and white are two of the principal colours of Buddhism. Black serves as a reminder of the victory of good over evil and white symbolises knowledge and longevity. Hence, if Canvas with you, you can choose a black and white Buddha painting for your home.
However, you can also choose to bring a Buddha colourful painting into your home as the rainbow colours or the ‘rainbow body’ has great significance in Buddhism and is considered as the highest meditative state.

Buddha Wooden Painting
A Buddha wooden painting is versatile and can easily blend with any kind of interior. If you like minimal yet statement décor, you can choose a modern art Buddha painting to grace your home. You can also choose a golden Buddha painting as the colour gold symbolises fire or the sun, and is an essential part of Buddhist mysticism.

Buddha Face Painting
Buddha half face painting is a popular choice of painting as it is unconventional yet beautiful. At PrintMySpace, we provide a one-stop-shop for all your home décor and furnishing needs. From beautiful paintings to storage essentials and even items of furniture like a shoe rack, you will find everything in one place.
If you have an empty corner in your room, you can buy corner storage item along with a small painting to elevate the look and feel of that space.
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