How to Clean a Clogged P Trap on a Kitchen Sink

JohnBarton | 2022.11.02 16:20 | 조회 47
You should clean the p trap on your kitchen sink if it is clogged. This is a large tube that drains water and should be located underneath the sink. You should use a pair of gloves and a garbage bag to collect the food and water that you remove from the trap. You should also have a pair of pliers handy to loosen the fittings. Next, you should use a firm object to push the food and water out of the trap. You may also need to scrape the sides of the trap to get rid of grease and debris. Once done, reattach the P trap.

Use a drain snake

If you are still unable to clean the p trap, there may be a larger clog located deep within the plumbing system. You can try using a drain snake to free it. This will allow you to reach the deeper plumbing section of the sink. Once you have accessed the deeper section of the pipe, you should be able to remove the clog and prevent it from returning.

Use hot water and baking soda

Another effective method is to use hot water and baking soda to clear the sink. These ingredients break down fat deposits and leave the drain smelling fresh. Be sure to let this mixture sit for 15 minutes before running water again. This process should clear the sink without the need for a plumber.

Process of using an auger

If the above methods don't work, you may also use a plumber's snake, also known as an auger, to clear clogs further down the drainage system. To use this tool, you must disassemble the kitchen tap pipes and remove the "stub pipe" that holds the P-trap. Insert the snake into the stub pipe and let it break up the clog. Repeat the process three or four times. If the problem is still not solved, call a plumber to fix the sink.

Use a plastic or wooden spoon

Another effective method is to use baking soda or salt mixed with water. It helps to loosen the clog and can be used in many situations. After applying the baking soda, you can use a plastic or wooden spoon to push it down the drain. After the baking soda has dissolved, you can pour a solution of white distilled vinegar, which will create a fizzy reaction. If the mixture fails, you can also pour boiling water to clear the clog.

Lastly, you may want to use a drain snake. It works well to push the blocked water out of the sink. This method can help you to clear the clog and remove any other accumulated debris. But before using a drain snake, you should be careful. You don't want to damage the pipe by attempting to force the snake through.

There are two main types of clogs in the average home. One of them is caused by grease and oils. Even small amounts of grease can lead to a clog over time because the grease cools and sticks to the drain pipe. In addition to grease, additional food particles may also clog the pipe.
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