Things to Remember While Buying Traditional Living Room Furniture

Mickey turner | 2022.10.15 15:13 | 조회 92

Want to use traditional living room furniture in your drawing room or family room but confused to think the ways in which you can do this and how to shop for the traditional living room furniture. There are many factors that one needs to consider before going for this type of room decor as it is not easy to change the room decor very frequently  buy luxury home decor .

Wood is the most dominant material that is used in the making of traditional furniture. You can buy the teak wood furniture as this is heavy and very durable. Also look for the well seasoned wood so that no cracks or change in shape appears after using it. You can also look for maple wood or oak furniture in this category.


This furniture is generally well carved and has intricate designs on this. India, Pakistan and Bangladesh are the hubs to produce it. Here you will find different styles of traditional living room furniture like:

  • Thacket Furniture
  • Jali Furniture
  • Sikar Furniture
  • Bamboo Furniture
  • Traditional Rajasthan Handicraft
  • Traditional Jodhpur Furniture

In additional to Indian style you will also get the other global and international styles like English, French, European and American.

Apart from the style look for the sturdiness of frame in traditional living room furniture. To make this strong hardwood must be used otherwise your furniture will start to get loosen with time giving a very uncomfortable noise while sitting or using it. Do not buy the one that is made by using the board. Oak and maple wood are better choices for this than the pine wood as it is very soft so does not last long.

Apart from this how the whole furniture has been manufactured and what quality things like spring units, upholstery, finish has been done matters a lot.

In most of the traditional living room furniture upholstery is generally smooth with large floral designs. Self printed velvet fabric is mostly used for making sofas.

Apart from wood, leather is another choice in this category of living room furniture. Leather having smooth texture is preferred over the other textures. So if your budget is on higher side then you can think of buying the leather furniture.

Apart from all the design and appearance related issues never forget to check the warranty for your traditional living room furniture.

Internet is a big market today for buying anything. You can explore the different online stores and websites of manufacturers for this. But before purchasing make sure to read the reviews. You can search for the reviews on particular seller on Internet itself. Buy only if the reviews are positive.

Care for Traditional Living Room Furniture Traditional living room furniture is very gracious and gives the touch of royalty whenever and where ever it is placed.

If you talk about care then both the types of living room furniture needs care but in their own form. Both types of furniture need their own specific polishing and caring products. Never use damp cloth to clean the wooden traditional furniture but you can wipe the leather furniture with this as leather is made from the hide of animal so it gets softened when cleaned with damp cloth.

If your furniture has the intricate design and spaces then you can use the clean paintbrush to clear the furniture from dust.

Once in a year you can polish your wooden furniture this will protect your furniture. Make sure to use same brand of polish every time.

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