As a community of global citizens, we have a responsibility to build a better world than the one we

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As a community of global citizens, we have a responsibility to build a better world than the one we live in today. People work every day to take on the world’s toughest problems – cancer, world hunger, climate change – to name a few. Organizations such as American Cancer Society, No Kid Hungry and Re:wild have made it their priority to make the world a better place, and we’ve made it our priority to get them the resources they need to do what they do best.

Blockchain, Web3, cryptocurrency, NFTs and the like have catalyzed significant changes for many people in the developed world. Enter Pryzed - a platform that uses the globally recognized Ethereum digital currency to provide users the unique opportunity to support charities while entering a ballot for one lucky winner. Why Ethereum? The Ethereum blockchain provides many advantages to users and the service itself. The widespread adoption of Ethereum minimizes the costs and logistics associated with handling differing international currencies. The smart contract development environment for Solidity allows for rapid development of programs along with quicker updates and releases. The Ethereum Organization has created a platform that fosters an atmosphere of innovation and creativity.

At Pryzed, our aim is to bring incentivized charitable fundraising to the blockchain. Charitable fundraising on the blockchain truly decentralizes donations and allows international donations to happen just as smoothly as domestic donations. The ability to donate is open to everyone with an internet connection and users buy votes for one of many vetted charities. The winning organization and one lucky donor then split the donation pool, with Pryzed taking a variable percentage cut. We welcome you to explore Pryzed, the world's first and only digitized charitable sweepstakes where everyone wins.
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