Review article on Superconductivity

EPSL | 2012.10.19 18:21 | 조회 3401

It is an excellent review article by D. J. Scalapino, titled "A common thread: the pairing interaction for unconventional superconductors" - Reviews of Modern Physics 84, 1383 (2012).




The structures, the phase diagrams, and the appearance of a neutron resonance signaling an unconventional superconducting state provide phenomenological evidence relating the cuprates, the Fe-pnictides and chalcogenides as well as some heavy-fermion and actinide materials. Single-band and multiband Hubbard models have been found to describe a number of the observed properties of these materials so that it is reasonable to examine the origin of the pairing interaction in these models. In this review, based on the experimental phenomenology and studies of the pairing interaction for Hubbard-like models, it is proposed that spin-fluctuation mediated pairing is the common thread linking a broad class of superconducting materials.


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